Steve Cloward

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Guest: Steve Cloward

Steve will be joining us to discuss the advantages of Solar Power and his business Advanced Home Pros. Steve also ha his own podcast: Life After Addiction and Treatment to help those whose past is getting in the way of their future, with entrepreneurship.


Steve Cloward started Advanced Home Pros at the beginning of 2020, after being in the TV, Internet, Smart Home, and security service industry for more than a decade. Once he learned the ins and outs of the solar industry Steve ran with it and takes pride in serving and honoring his customers to the highest degree. 


 Whether somebody is looking at a "hybrid" system or an "off grid" approach, Steve can make it happen (when local laws allow it). A hybrid system is the most common and is secondary to the city power grid by utilizing batteries charged by solar panels. This provides extra security and self-sufficiency at your home when you're in need. Being "off grid" means you are 100% disconnected from your electric company and the electric grid. 

They say, "The difference between us and the electric company is we provide an option to be able to rely on your own power that your solar system produces, the electric company wants you to rely on them."