Redpill Daily Dose Episode 228 | We Hold These Truths

The front row seats of the unfolding global conspiracy.

Joshua Reid discusses his weekend with Jason Reid and Vince Tagliavia to start. Josh feels like he's walking through sludge as many of us do. Several of Josh's friends in his neighborhood have the classic suspected reactions to vaccines. dizziness, headaches, vomiting, and nausea. One of them was told his recent cardiac complications are not stemming from the vaccine. We see the same reactions across the board for many jabbed individuals and even reported by some medical professionals.

The globalists can't account for people fighting back. We're seeing this all over the world. Today, we saw Project Veritas release one of their most groundbreaking whistle blower reports. It related to corruption in the medical community. We see communities uniting in protest against unlawful restrictions and draconian nightmares everywhere.

In a recent interview with Lyn Buchanan, he warned us of a cataclysmic event that could occur in the future. He was hoping we wouldn't ask the question but said there may be a string of global events that throws everything into turmoil. He attributed it to a tidal wave from the Canary Islands. Now we're seeing clusters of earthquakes and an eruption on the Canary Islands. Hopefully, this doesn't occur but if a large mass of land falls into the ocean it can potentially cause a tsunami that hits the eastern seaboard of the US.

This is all occurring right before the fall. Together we're seeing major economic events, food shortages, the slow death of the dollar, and more on the horizon.


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