Washington State: King County plans to try imposing radical health order mirroring NY, CA; others

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

On Thursday, county leaders and health officials announced that in King County, Washington, folks in Seattle will be required to show proof of experimental SARS-CoV-2 / CoV-19 vaccination or a negative test beginning October 25 in order to participate in a list of activities that should be free from medical discrimination in order to participate.

My opinion is that it is your right to refuse to participate in discriminatory practices and not comply with immoral, or unlawful orders by any authoritative figure. This is an order for people to volunteer and sacrifice their rights, NOT A LAW. CONSENT IS KEY. I personally will not be consenting to forcefully being coerced into relinquishing any of my rights, as I enjoy my freedoms.

The order which many argue is unconstitutional, unlawful, totalitarian and radical states that anybody over 12 years of age will have to show proof of jab or a negative covid test (in the last 72 hours) or a negative rapid test result from a testing provider conducted on site at an event or establishment just prior to entry.


The VOLUNTARY order above states the following is EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY:

  • "Outdoor recreational and entertainment events with 500 or more people, such as collegiate sports, professional sports, and concerts. Effective Date: October 25,2021"

  • "Indoor restaurants, bars, and taverns with seating capacity of 12 and more AND entertainment and recreational establishments, such as entertainment and performing arts venues, night clubs, music and concert venues, movie theaters, museums, collegiate and professional sports stadiums and arenas, exhibition halls, and convention centers. Effective Date: October 25, 2021"

  • Indoor restaurants, bars, and taverns with seating capacity of less than 12. Effective Date: December 6, 2021


Are you unable to get vaccinated due to religious or medical exemptions? Well, if you're in Seattle that's too bad because unless the request is not implemented you may be discriminated against as the order states, "Medical and religious vaccine exemptions are not accepted in place of vaccine verification or documentation of a negative COVID test."

Although medical and religious discrimination appears to be baked into the fabric of this controversial order it also states that, "Discrimination will not be tolerated in the implementation of this ORDER. Employers, their employees, and volunteers, must implement this ORDER equitably and may not:"...

  • "Scrutinize proof of vaccination more closely based on an individual’s race, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, age, or"

  • "Refuse to accept valid proof of vaccination that is authorized by this ORDER, such as WHO approved vaccination from countries outside of the U.S. or photographs of CDC vaccination cards."

What about medical and religious discrimination? I think a lot of companies are put at risk by such a request but that hasn't stopped many from already implementing these radical practices.


Lastly the Local Health Officer Dr. Jeff Duchin (who worked for CDC as a medical epidemiologist in the Divisions of Tuberculosis Elimination and HIV/AIDS Special Studies Branch before assuming his current position) strongly recommends and urges people and businesses in King County to voluntarily comply with this ORDER and it's anti-discrimination requirements which includes the following

Employers, employees, and volunteers should provide reasonable accommodation for those with disabilities who attest to having completed their vaccination series but are unable to provide proof of vaccination due to a disability.
King County government and Public Health – Seattle & King County are dedicated to providing all residents and visitors with fair and equal access to services, opportunities, and protection, and reflecting consideration for cultural differences and disabilities.

The order is currently planned to remain in effect for 6-months and reevaluated at that time or sooner based on status and impacts of COVID-19 outbreak in King County, the order states.


Updating: A list of Seattle-area restaurants, bars and venues requiring proof of COVID vaccination [Seattle Times]

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