Viral Shedding & Delta Variant - The CDC Hiding Information....Again

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

(Decentralized Media) Earlier this week we saw the Center for Disease Control (CDC) issue a statement regarding the Delta Variant, viral loads and a new virus resurgence. The new data has shown that the virus is just as effective in infecting vaccinated people as it is unvaccinated people. The CDC stated that the their new data presented the case that "viral loads in vaccinated people were equivalent to that of unvaccinated people and presented the rare possibility of viral shedding". The big problem about the statement, argued by experts in the medical field was that the CDC failed to publish the data of how they came to this conclusion. We can only speculate as to the reason why they would not publish the data, but a closer look reveals the most likely culprit.

We can all agree that disinformation and the spreading of un-factual data is harmful to society. Typically reserved for authoritative regimes that wish to control the masses with the utilization of psychological warfare, the spreading of this type of information produces a fear derived sentiment within the social populace and creates division among the masses. These types of actions are not something we would expect from a trusted organization with its power derived from the consent of the governed.

When we look closer at the statements of the CDC this week we begin to see a narrative form that is contradictory towards the massive global vaccine push and of the past suppression of medical professionals and investigative journalists who were presenting this data months ago. If we recall correctly, the CDC, WHO, Big Tech and many other establishment mouth pieces denied the existence of vaccine shedding for COVID-19, calling those who claim its existence conspiracy theorists and propagators of disinformation.

Vaccine shedding is a process that typically occurs within attenuated vaccines, more commonly known as live-virus vaccines. It involves the "natural" function of viral expulsion and release of viral progeny following successful reproduction during a host-cell infection.

Looking back a few months we can recall the Pfizer document from the November 2020 Clinical Trial data that referenced vaccine shedding as a probable concern, especially to pregnant or nursing mothers. Another aspect of the report showed concerning data pertaining to fertility and reproductive issues of the vaccine which we are beginning to see creep its way into our social domain. (Source).

All of this data has been denied by the establishment government and neo-academic altars. They attribute the spread of this information to anti-vaxxers and conspiracy theorists. They train their algorithms to suppress any mention of this data and suspend the user for even trying to educate themselves with informed consent. The problem now arises that these conspiracy theorists and so-labeled anti-vaxxers were correct on their concern and interpretation of the data.

In an article published by Decentralized Media last week, it was shown that the vaccine data globally is being manipulated and that the mainstream media and government mouthpieces are spreading false, misleading and downright disinformation pertaining to this base of data. (Source) In the article we reference this chart which shows global data pertaining to the Delta variant and confirmed cases. The information is derived from a legitimate and World Health Organization sponsored source, GISAID.

This chart shows that countries with a high percentage of vaccinated people have a staggering higher rate of Delta Variant cases. This confirms the first part of the statement that the CDC presented this week. Although if we look at the document further we see something that really doesn't make sense.

This data was presented on July 1st 2021, which shows only pertinent data for those four weeks. India had the majority of its vaccinations on its populace in late March and early April of 2021. If we remember correctly, a few weeks after is when the Delta Variant emerged and India had massive casualties and positive COVID cases. Japan on the other hand just recently began the mass vaccination rollout prior to the Olympics, just two day ago they set a daily record for most vaccinated people within the 24 hour period. So the data being presented here for those two countries we can assume will have less cases in the month of the data accumulation if the Delta Variant is directly correlated to the vaccine. As for Japan, it will be interesting to see how the Delta Variant emerges in August.

Next, we look at the remaining countries and we begin to see a new trend emerge. Singapore, Russia (have their own vaccine), Indonesia, South Africa and Uganda all have relatively low vaccination rates. South Africa for instance has a population of over 60 million and less than a 3% vaccination rate. Compare this to the United Kingdom with a comparable population of approximately 67 million and 65% of their population vaccinated, we can see why the CDC has not published the data. The United Kingdom has 189 times the cases of the Delta Variant than South Africa.

How is this possible unless there is a direct correlation of the Delta Variant to the vaccine?

This would mean that the CDC's statement is actually only partially true. We are seeing that there is an indirect relationship between the Delta Variant and the unvaccinated. This means there are far less cases of the Delta Variant in unvaccinated people than vaccinated people. This contradicts the second part of the statement by the CDC. This information, of course, would be a show stopper for the global powers vaccine dissemination program. It is my assumption that this is why the data remains unpublished by the CDC. It shows the direct correlation we see in the above data, and that is that the Delta Variant is derived solely from the vaccinated populace through vaccine shedding. If the people learned the truth, 99% of the vaccinated would be in the hospital.

This would make sense since it was discovered that the mRNA Vaccine breaks the blood brain barrier and enters the circulatory system, then spreading to vulnerable areas of the body that are already immuno-suppressed and begins to produce spike proteins. Once a formable viral load is built up, the person begins to show symptoms and sheds their viral load.

The CDC is not publishing the data because it shows a direct link between the vaccine and the delta variant. This becomes a damaging case for the continuing of the global vaccination program, or more commonly known in our circles as population control.

It doesn't come as a surprise that the same day as the CDC statement, which was kept off the main circuit of news dissemination of the mainstream media cabal, Joe Biden and his belligerent administration announced new guidelines for mandatory vaccines for all Federal Employees. As if it a globally synchronized event, Big Tech giants announced to their employees that they would need to be vaccinated by a certain time frame to continue employment. and many progressive states also joined in on the genocidal party and began mandating vaccines to their employees and within their school systems.

Whatever is happening we are beginning to see that the world is waking up and that the data is leaking out. That governments and institutions can not ignore the growing questions from the people pertaining to what they are seeing and experiencing. I imagine that soon we will begin to see many whistleblowers come forward with more damaging evidence of a coverup and implementation of this medical tyranny. I just hope for humanities sake, this is it sooner rather than later.

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