Unjabbed NBA players may be separated from jabbed players

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

According to a report, "NBA players wont be required to get COVID-19 vaccination" a league source tells ESPN that there will not be a mandate for players to be vaccinated.

Negotiations continue relating to aspects of the virus protocols and procedures for the upcoming 2021-22 campaign and the NBPA isn't budging on its demand that players not be required to take the experimental injection and call the option a "non-starter."

On the other hand, currently NBA referees and most staff are mandated to be vaccinated.

In a preliminary memo obtained by ESPN a league spokesman recently said that roughly 85% of players are vaccinated. In early September, the league outlined protocols for vaccinated players.

Is treating somebody differently based on their status of having utilized an experimental vaccination or not a slam dunk? The protocols although not final could include isolating unvaccinated individuals to distant lockers, and eating flying and riding buses in different sections. ("Back of the bus" because you're different, sound familiar?) Just like racial discrimination, medical discrimination yields some of the same results.

Players who don't take the jab will also undergo testing on game days and practice days, depending on schedules could have to test twice on some days. Although data shows the jabbed individuals protection against being infected with covid and spread the disease is negligible at best, vaccinated players will not undergo daily testing and only be tested if they have symptoms or are exposed to someone confirmed is positive.

The woke-sports world continues to disappoint many with their illogical draconian measures.

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