UK government to CRIMINALIZE online posts that disagree with “official” covid narratives

By: Natural News

The new “Online Safety Bill” in the United Kingdom is forcing Big Tech to censor all online content that the government deems “hateful” or containing “misinformation.”

Great Britain’s “digital secretary” Nadine Dorries warned that the legal update will “bring full weight of law” against anyone who dares to challenge any official government narrative online, or who uses the web as a “weapon to ruin people’s lives.”

The Online Safety Bill’s update includes provisions specifically for smuggling, hate crimes, fraud and “revenge porn.” Each of these will take “priority” in terms of enforcement.

Tech companies will be forced, under the new rules, to actively look for such content rather than waiting for it to be flagged by users. The government of the U.K. has also added three new criminal offenses to deal with internet “trolls.”

“The worst offenders could be jailed for up to five years for threatening to kill MPs and celebrities,” noted the DailyMail Online. “Spreading Covid-19 disinformation would also be covered under a crime of sending a false communication.

The Online Safety Bill is currently in draft form and the government is looking for additional ways to “strengthen” it. These changes are expected within the next month.

Politicians are scared so they’re trying to ban free speech on the internet

Once fully implemented, the Online Safety Bill will grant regulator Ofcom the power to levy massive fines against any tech firm that breaches its requirements.

Under the draft version, only terrorism and child sexual abuse were deemed “priority” illegal content, but now the new provisions include “misinformation” about the Fauci Flu, as decided by the government.

Even though the plandemic narrative is constantly changing, the government will decide on the fly what is considered “true” and what is considered “false.” And Big Tech will be expected to comply at all times.

Dorries is excited about three new communications offenses that could land internet trolls in prison for up to five years if they threaten to “rape, kill, inflict physical violence or cause serious financial harm” against someone else.

Posting “false” content about Fauci Flu “cures” will also be subject to prosecution, this being a top priority of the British government’s anti-free speech crusade on the internet.

“This government said it would legislate to make the U.K. the safest place in the world to be online while enshrining free speech, and that’s exactly what we are going to do,” Dorries said, noting that public debate is exempt from the new rules, as is the press.

“We are listening to MPs, charities and campaigners who have wanted us to strengthen the legislation, and today’s changes mean we will be able to bring the full weight of the law against those who use the internet as a weapon to ruin people’s lives and do so quicker and more effectively.”

In the comment section at the DailyMail Online, someone pointed out that the British government lumping “covid disinformation” in with rape and terrorism is “a huge worry.”

“You can’t have freedom of speech when the State has already decided on a truth to enforce,” this person wrote. “Not to mention the people genuinely peddling misinformation will spin this as ‘what THEY don’t want you to know’ and just retreat to anonymous untraceable platforms anyway.”

“How is the State going to enforce this on fly-by-night IRC chats without resorting to honeypots which will eventually get rooted out and avoided anyway? How are they going to deal with users that are unlocatable because of VPNs? What about the dark web? The government will be forced to change course on this.”

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