Trump: Oil Prices Could Go to $200 Per Barrel — ‘They’re Going Unlimited’

By: Breitbart

During a phone interview with Fox Business Network’s “Mornings with Maria,” former President Donald Trump suggested oil could go up to $200 a barrel.

According to Trump, the United States is “looking like a bunch of fools” after President Joe Biden “stupidly” reversed course on his energy policy. He called on his successor to open back up oil production in the United States.

“So, where do you think oil prices are going, and will that have an impact on the broader economy? What is your take?” host Maria Bartiromo asked.

“Well, they’re going unlimited right now. You can’t even project. It could go anything.”

“To $200?” Bartiromo followed up.

“Oh yeah,” Trump replied. “I mean, why not? You won’t be able to get it. And OPEC loves it. They’re making a fortune … why would they do anything? They have him over a barrel. The only thing he can do is just say sorry about it with climate hoax. Sorry about it. Look, this climate situation is killing our country.”

He noted that countries like Russia, India and China hadn’t been partaking in cleaning the climate.

“We are so foolish,” he continued. “The whole thing with the climate is just out of control. Unless everybody is going to do it makes us noncompetitive. And everybody has to do it. That includes China and Russia and India and many other countries.”


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