Trump: China will DEFINITELY attack Taiwan following Russia-Ukraine example

By: Natural News

Former President Donald Trump recently warned that China will definitely invade Taiwan following Russia’s attack on Ukraine.

Lisa Haven of “The Restricted Republic” expounded on the former president’s warning. “Trump is seizing up this opportunity to issue a dire warning to the American people – a warning that I myself have given quite a few times, and a warning that we should all take to heart and take seriously because so much is at stake,” she said.

Trump issued this warning during an interview on “The Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show,” conducted at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida. The former president said he was “absolutely sure” Chinese President Xi Jinping will strike Taiwan.

“They’re waiting [until] after the [Winter] Olympics. Now the Olympics [have] ended, and look at your stopwatch, right? This would never have happened if [I was] there. Not with me, they wouldn’t have,” Trump said.

“What Trump is saying here is that ‘Hey, look, Biden is very weak. He’s not showing any power whatsoever. [Russian President Vladimir] Putin isn’t afraid of him, and neither is Xi. [Biden is] a weak person, he is weak to the core and he’s running the U.S.,'” Haven commented. (Related: Biden ratioed for feckless responses to bold Russian moves to build up forces along the border with Ukraine.)

“Therefore, it’s safe to say [that] according to Donald Trump – he believes that the invasion of Taiwan is imminent and could happen sometime soon because nobody sees Biden as a real leader here in the United States. Obviously, he’s got some issues that we should be seeking the 25th Amendment about. He can’t even keep a sentence together.”

Johnson: Ukraine invasion has worldwide repercussions

Haven also cited another article by the Post regarding British Prime Minister Boris Johnson talking about the Ukraine invasion. According to the piece, Johnson warned the U.K.’s allies on Feb. 19 that Russia’s intrusion of Ukraine “will echo around the world” unless Western nations act.

“If Ukraine is endangered, the shock will echo around the world – and those echoes will be heard in East Asia [and] Taiwan. People would draw the [conclusions] that ‘aggression pays’ and that ‘might is right.’ We should not underestimate the gravity of this moment and what is at stake,” the British leader said during the Munich Security Conference in Germany.

Johnson remarked that following his talks with Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida and Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, “they left no doubt that the economic and political shock would be felt on the far side of the world.” He continued: “After a generation of freedom, we’re now staring at a generation of bloodshed and misery.”

According to Johnson, no one really knows what Putin has really planned for Ukraine – but the omens are grim. Therefore, he urged the U.K. and other nations to “stand together.”

“Whatever happens in the next few days and weeks, we cannot allow European countries to be blackmailed by Russia. We cannot allow the threat of Russian aggression to change the security architecture of Europe. We cannot permit a new Yalta or a new division of our continent into spheres of influence,” he said.

Haven said: “What [Johnson] is saying is [that] if there isn’t enough resistance – sanction-wise or whatever – against Russia, then China’s going to be like ‘They didn’t do much, [the] U.S. didn’t do very much [so] I’m going to seize this opportunity to go after Taiwan.’ I think it’s a real possibility.”

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