Trump and His Aides Face Persecution In Capitol "Riot" Inquiry.

President Donald Trump and his aides are at the forefront of a new witch hunt in Congress. Members of the House committee made it clear during their "dramatic" and "tearful" display Tuesday that President Trump's activities that day are of a central focus. This comes after the rumor mill filled with in the halls of Congress that the committee will be issuing subpoenas to obtain testimony from many of the aides and possibly even President Trump himself about the events of that day.

The hearing on Tuesday, which seemed to be something more designed out of Hollywood than something in reality, centered on the testimony of four officers who helped "defend" the Capitol against the so-called violent and angry mod, who were said to be armed with hammers, metal bars, knives and batons. These claims from the four police officers almost contradicts what millions of people around the world witnessed in real-time as live streams took to the digital stage. Many recall the Capitol police opening doors, removing gates and guiding people into the Capitol. In reviewing the footage for this article, we found no indications of any weapons and only confirmed to ourselves of the peaceful intent by the majority of the protesters.

The committee which includes seven Democrats and two Republican RINOs, have subpoena power and could use it as early as next week to bring in witnesses and gain access to certain documents and other materials. An anonymous member of this committee was claimed that this subpoena power could be used to bring in key witnesses of the Trump Administration and even some members of Congress.

Liz Cheney, a Wyoming RINO, placed Trump at the center of the inquiry and said

We must also know what happened every minute of that day in the White House -- every phone call, every conversation, every meeting leading up to, during and after the attack,”

Democrat Representative Liddle Adam Schiff. who by the way was a prosecutor in Trump's first impeachment trial and sits on the committee, confirmed Monday that Congress has the power to enforce the subpoenas, particularly against the Executive Branch. This came after a comparison of the Trump DOJ tying this authority up within the courts and the Biden DOJ assuring Liddle Adam Schiff that .

“it’s a different situation now.”

The four officers told the committee details of which they considered beatings, injuries, racist slurs and other violence they endured. Some of them directed their focus at Trump, and proclaimed that

“He could have done a lot of things. One of them was to tell them to stop,” Capitol Police Sergeant Aquilino Gonell said of Trump. Capitol Police Officer Harry Dunn said of the Capitol intruders, “A hit man sent them.”

Capitol Police Sergeant Aquilino Gonell must have missed the Tweets and Live Addressing of the Nation from the President when he did exactly that. Which was later censored and taken down by big tech proclaiming that it fueled violence, of which we know that it did not.

Sometimes it feels as if we are watching a movie. The testimonies of these men felt rehearsed and scripted. It was almost like it was meant to place blame on President Trump and exaggerate the actions of that day and turn them into some violent insurrection when in actuality it was anything but.

Later that day on CNN, the Commie News Network, Rep. RINO Liz Cheney said the committee should be willing to go to court to enforce subpoenas of Trump aides or even members of Congress to get information about what went on that day.

It’s unclear when the committee will hold its next public hearing, although it was stated that they will focus now on finding out who funded and organized these events and begin proceedings there.

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