Thousands Of Ukrainian Citizens Rounded Up By Their Own Government, Labeled ‘Traitors’

By: InfoWars

Ukrainian citizens accused of “helping Russia” during the recent war are being snatched out of their homes by the Security Services of Ukraine (SBU).

According to the Associated Press, nearly 400 citizens were arrested in the Kharkiv region alone.

This means there are thousands of Ukrainians being thrown into “traitor” prisons where they face up to fifteen years in jail, but the exact amount of people detained is “classified.”

The citizens being charged could have “collaborated with Russian forces” while other arrestable actions include, “making public denials about Russian aggression or supporting Moscow.”

So, anyone living in Ukraine who espoused a pro-Russian political stance as a deadly war reached their doorsteps could be tossed into a cell.

In the video below, American media promotes the “traitors” being hauled off.

One man arrested by the SBU allegedly had “social media posts praising the Russian president, calling for secession and insulting the Ukrainian flag.”

The militarized officers sat in the man’s apartment and showed him screenshots of his social media posts where he “didn’t speak very nicely about the Ukrainian flag.”

The trembling citizen told the armed men he changed his mind but was arrested nevertheless.

Under Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s authoritarian “anti-collaboration laws” he put in place soon after Russia’s February 24th invasion, any citizen with the wrong political views is now a target.

Zelensky told the Ukrainian people, “Accountability for collaboration is inevitable, and whether it will happen tomorrow or the day after tomorrow is another question. The most important thing is that justice will be served inevitably.”

As AP reports, “Although the Zelenskyy government has broad support, even among many Russian speakers, not all Ukrainians oppose the invasion. Support for Moscow is more common among some Russian-speaking residents of the Donbas, an industrial region in the east. An eight-year conflict there between Moscow-backed separatists and Ukrainian government forces had killed over 14,000 people even before this year’s invasion.”

AP even admitted, “Under martial law, authorities have banned 11 pro-Russian political parties, including the largest one that had 25 seats in the 450-member parliament – the Opposition Platform For Life, which was founded by Viktor Medvedchuk, a jailed oligarch with close ties to Putin.”

A spokeswoman for the U.N. Human Rights Office said the group is working with the Ukrainian government to investigate eight specific cases of citizen disappearances that may constitute human rights violations on behalf of Ukraine.

The UN Human Rights Office is also investigating two cases of unlawful killings of “pro-Russian” citizens along with additional cases where Ukrainian law enforcement and others punish suspected “pro-Russians.”

Surely, acting like the Nazi SS is not the way to win over the hearts and minds of those accusing your military of adopting Nazi tactics and supporting the neo-Nazi Azov Battalion.

The dragnet operation could spread worldwide as nations across the globe adopt UN-based internet policies and crack down on speech deemed “hateful” or “disinformation.”

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