The New US Constitution: How Our Rights Have Gone By The Wayside- Queue The Propaganda

Our founding fathers drafted the Declaration of Independence, The Bill of Rights, and the Constitution to stand the test of time. I'm sure they would now be rolling over in their graves if they saw the desecration of these once-great beacons of liberty and freedom. Over the decades our rights and freedoms have slowly been taken away.

Now, what we have left are the privileges granted to us by those in positions of power. As we edge ever closer to the abyss of total tyranny, we see that what we have is only a facade of what used to be. We no longer have the freedoms granted to us by the constitution. What we have is a propaganda machine that tells us what to do, how to feel, and demands ultimate obedience. Your privileges are completely stripped from you if you don't comply. Like hostages, we're restrained by the government who should represent us.

Throughout the past year and a half, we have seen exactly how this propaganda machine works. We saw devastating riots from leftist organizations like BLM and Antifa. The riots caused untold amounts of damage, loss of life, loss of property, and loss of livelihoods. Almost no consequences to those perpetrating the crimes are upheld.

Night after night, riots would ensue, people would go to jail but be released the next day to start it all over again. Many of us asked why this was happening, why weren't people held accountable? After all, we do have laws that hold us all accountable, don't we? Why were these people allowed to go unpunished for their crimes?

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Fake news media outlets and crooked politicians aligned their voices. They both parroted the same non-sense about, "mostly peaceful protests", and the notion that it's all for a worthy social justice cause.

Throwing a molotov cocktail, or a cup filled with dried cement at police officers isn't acceptable behavior for any worthy cause. The Constitution of the United States allows us the right to peaceably assemble and protest. Yet, what these groups were doing, is not peaceable.

Media outlets and politicians told us that these groups were exercising their first amendment rights. This was the beginning of the very obvious use of propaganda as our new Constitution. You only have the rights and freedoms allowed to you by the Constitution, that is if you're consenting to the narrative set forth by the propaganda machine.

Once conservative groups started to clash with these liberal groups, we saw a new dynamic painted. If you disagreed with the propaganda narrative they paint you as a radical extremist. They believe that they must stop you.

Conservatives decided to speak up. Peacefully protesting the Covid lockdowns, mask mandates, and medical tyranny. It then became clear that our Constitution was only valid if you were on the same side as the propagandists.

Police and local government treat Conservatives like criminals and terrorists. Politicians told the police to stand down against groups like BLM and Antifa. But, people who were looting and burning buildings all in the name of social justice reform were free.

They utilized this politicized propaganda tool during the incident at the Capitol on January 6, 2021. Thousands of people gathered in our nation's capital. They came to rally and peacefully show unparalleled support for President Trump. The election was controversial and filled with irregularities. Thousands of people were hopeful. Counting on their elected representatives to do the right thing by challenging the electoral votes in states with questionable election results. They didn't.

After the speech given by Donald Trump, people went to the Capitol building for a peaceful demonstration. At no point were people encouraged to be destructive or act unlawfully. A lot of speculation exists about what exactly occurred and who is responsible. There was a lot of unlawful behavior and destruction that ensued. The fact is those good people made bad decisions that day and followed a crowd into what some speculate was a trap. Investigations into who was at the Capitol that day resulted in hundreds of people being arrested and sent to jail.

The people that were arrested and jailed for the events of January 6th were stripped of their rights to due process under the law as granted to them by the Constitution. This was accomplished by using the Patriot Act that was passed in October 2001 after the attack on our country and the collapse of the World Trade Centers. What seemed like a patriotic piece of legislation at the time, is now being used against those of us who disagree with the propaganda machine.

The language used in the Patriot Act regarding terrorists is vague and open to the interpretation of whoever is using it. This legislation affects our First and Fourth Amendment rights

  • Section 213 - Sneak and Peek Warrants

  • Violates the Fourth Amendment

  • Section 206 - Roving Wiretaps

  • Violates the Fourth Amendment

  • Section 214 - Trap and Trace Searches

  • Violates the Fourth Amendment

  • Section 218 Intelligence Wiretaps

  • Violates the Fourth Amendment

  • Grants Access to Personal Records held by Third Parties

  • Violates both the First and Fourth Amendment

  • Undermines Judicial Oversight of Law Enforcement Authorities

  • Violates the Fourth Amendment

When this legislation was passed, the propaganda machine was perfectly set up to replace our constitution with its own rules and propaganda. If you are in opposition to those in power and disagree with the propaganda being spread, you are simply labeled a terrorist, and your rights are stripped away using the Patriot Act. You can then be rounded up, arrested, and held indefinitely without due process. This will lead to the violation of your First, Fifth, Sixth, Eighth, and Tenth Amendment rights. This is how they have replaced our Constitution with propaganda and that is now the new rule of law we live by. We just need to look at the people who were arrested for the January 6th Capitol event to see this in action.

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