RECAP: Redpill Project Daily Dose Episode 206 | The Fall Is Coming

"This is where we bring you the front row seats to the global conspiracy, and a conspiracy it is." Joshua Reid

Joshua Reid, Rightside Baddie and Vince teamed up today and Josh started things off by saying, "Very interesting last two days... August typically is a hot month and we have fall coming forth, and damn are things going to fall."

Cyber attack on (Ransomware) on NYSE-listed Accenture; Attackers threaten to publish stolen data. On a side note, Who owns Accenture? Josh extrapolates on the situation and suspects that since the monetary system is moving towards block-chain based systems, Bitcoin and others will likely be key players in that system. He said, "companies have to be careful putting money in crypto currencies..." because of the whole grey zone and taxing details around it. Josh believes theoretically this could be a classic case of money-laundering 101 happening right now. Basically they could be paying themselves.

Josh runs a crypto mastermind on the platform that goes deeper into crypto. He mentions how banks are pulling back on the credit they'll dish out. This is a signal of things to come. He believes the system is going to migrate to a new digital financial system, and there's a lot of evidence to support this. A small percentage of people $1k invested in crypto right now and once all the money goes in they'll be in a good place in comparison to anybody else getting into it later. Many millionaires have already been fortunate to make investments early.

In the report Josh covers above, it states, "A common trend observed by major city law enforcement agencies was the large number of visitors from out-of-state who participated in the protests. Nearly all agencies (90%) experienced protest events with persons that came to the event from another state. Additionally, many agencies reported that violence seemed to spike on days where out-of-state protesters were present." The report also shows that 29% of all protesters were paid. it is obvious to us that radical groups infiltrated otherwise relatively harmless groups and insinuated violence and rioting.

About 500 people were arrested at the capitol protest that occurred Jan 6th. In comparison to all of the protests led by the left, according to this report, Jan 6th was almost nothing.

Josh connects the riots and buildings destroyed to the buying up of cheap properties by entities like Blackrock.


There is an exciting run up of guests to come, you can check them all out here.

They include, Jonathan Witchman running for Governor of Wisconsin 8/12. After that we will have a Conversations on the Fringe with Max Igan. We have Bruce Olav Solheim 8/13 and David Nino Rodriguez 8/18 and much more...


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