The DOJ Expands Jan 6 Investigation into Those Individuals Who Planned the Trump Rally

By: The Gateway Pundit

The corrupt US Department of Justice will expand its investigation into the Jan 6 riots to include planning for the rallies that day.

There is no indication that the DOJ will focus on curious actors like Ray Epps, Antifa organizers in the Capitol like John Sullivan, or Neo-Nazis from Ukraine who were present that day. Based on its work over the past decade, the DOJ will only focus on Trump supporters who did nothing wrong or were set up by their government.

The corrupt DOJ announced it will further investigate Trump supporters present at the Capitol on Jan 6.

The Hill writes:

The Department of Justice (DOJ) is expanding its probe of the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol attack to include the events leading up to the preceding rally, and the wider conspiracies that fueled the violence, people familiar with the issue told The Washington Post. Before supporters of former President Trump attacked the Capitol, many participated in a rally that had multiple speakers, including Trump himself. Sources told the Post the DOJ is now looking to the planning of the rally and the conspiracy theories that surrounded the event. The rally was based around the false claims that Trump won the 2020 presidential election and that election fraud was the reason President Biden won.

Note: The far left fake news always has to add “false” claims of election fraud to their reporting. It’s as if they are being directed to do so. They want it so desperately to be true. There is every indication that the election was stolen and yet they continue to say these are ‘false claims’.

Ray Epps was present at the rally and at events the night before. He was leading the charge and directing Trump supporters to the US Capitol. Much was written about him and others present that day who appeared to be instigating the riots. The Jan 6 Committee won’t address who was behind people like Ray Epps who were directing the crowds that day.

The DOJ also won’t address individuals at the Capitol linked to Antifa. We knew within hours of the event that Antifa was present at the Capitol. Pelosi used the Antifa video in her second sham impeachment against President Trump. This video was made by John Sullivan who was inside the Capitol. There is no indication that the DOJ even cares who was behind Antifa being in the Capitol or if Pelosi knew they’d be there.

We also know that Neo-Nazi’s from Ukraine were present at the Capitol on Jan 6. Why were they there? What were they doing? The DOJ has provided no evidence that they are interested in why these Ukrainian Neo-Nazis were at the Capitol on Jan 6 and who paid them to be there.

The current DOJ is not interested in justice. Look at Hillary, Hunter, Mueller, McCabe, Comey and more. They use the Justice Department to attack their Republican enemies. Their are still dozens of Americans held in prison who committed no violent crimes that day. The lawlessness in America today must stop if we are to remain a free nation.

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