Daily Dose Recap Ep. 194: The Digital Superstorm

Updated: Jul 22, 2021


On this episode of The Redpill Project titled, "The Digital Superstorm," Joshua Reid, Jason Reid, and Vince Tagliavia discuss the global digital surveillance state and how it is has taken root within our society and ask themselves, "Who are the puppets, who are the controllers?", "How does Tiktok's algorithm pick out your desires and build your personal digital profile?" They ultimately find themselves getting into a deeper, interconnected conversation.

Joshua jumps into his article, "Bill Gates and George Soros Backed Consortium To Buy British Covid Test Maker For $41 Million" and shares all of the reasons why this is important and what it means. He strings the pearls together between many related topics during this en devour including The Delta variant and how it correlates to vaccination rates, Vaers data, Nanotechnology, and a break down to help everybody understand more information relating to countries and rates of infection. Ultimately this is a larger plan which points directly to an Orwellian surveillance & epidemiological nightmare.

Other topics discussed include, Monkeypox Virus, FBI entrapment, and the Oklahoma County audits,

Related conversation on AI with Rico Roho.


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