The Death Jab Purge Has Started

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

We are beginning to notice an uncanny number of cardiovascular problems and deaths being reported in the news. Mostly, within people who are operating in a high-stress environment such as sports. Most recently, the Travis Scott concert saw at least 8 killed and 11 out of 17 hospitalized with cardiac arrest. Although this is largely attributed to "crowd surge" by the mainstream media it is a wonder why so many of those dead or hospitalized have heart issues.

Increasing our concern is the over-representation of a younger age group among the incidents we have listed below which typically would be considered a rare event since age is a big factor in heart health.

Although the CDC isn't the most trusted organization, according to an NPR May 13, 2021 poll, the CDC published an article updated Nov. 5, 2021, titled, "Myocarditis and Pericarditis After mRNA COVID-19 Vaccination", where they disclose they are monitoring reports relating to these life-endangering conditions.

Myocarditis and Pericarditis are serious cardiovascular inflammation responses, specifically of the heart or surrounding tissue (pericardium). According to the Mayo Clinic, causes range from a heart attack or heart surgery, infection, Systemic inflammatory disorders, trauma, health disorders such as kidney failure, AIDS, tuberculosis, and cancer, as well as viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungi, medications or drugs, chemicals or radiation, and other diseases such as lupus, Wegener's granulomatosis, and more.

Unfortunately, some publications downplay the seriousness of the condition parroting the CDC's Dr. Sarah Long. Long refuses to utilize the term myocarditis seemingly in an effort to suggest it is not severe since the inflammation takes place in the heart-lining instead of the heart itself. She said, "...please let’s not call this myocarditis." She continued, "If parents were to look up myocarditis, they would be quite upset about this,” she says. But the chest pain associated with pericarditis is much less serious—the CDC hasn’t confirmed a single death from the condition."

The deaths of young individuals seem to be attributed to coronavirus by the CDC instead of the possibility of being a response to vaccinations since Myocarditis is also being attributed as a response to coronavirus. In an effort to "protect" the public Dr. Long said, "Nobody has died of myopericarditis, and children are dying of coronavirus. So of course it’s a benefit-risk ratio that comes out in the direction of vaccination.”

The questions behind the virus loom as more and more information spills forward that parents can no longer ignore and many competent doctors, victims, and others are standing up.

The whole situation will continue to be monitored and warrants further investigation. The red flags are never-ending and we continue to see headlines such as, "US-linked Chinese military scientist filed patent for COVID vaccine just after contagion emerged: report", where the death of a Chinese scientist linked to Fauci and gain of function research mysteriously died is covered by the nypost.

Listed below are cases of the mentioned events:

  • 6/4/2021, Italy, 29 years old Italy: 29-year-old ex-professional Giuseppe Perrino collapses and dies during a charity match for his dead brother.

  • 6/7/21, Germany, 38 years old Professional table tennis player Michael Schneider dies suddenly and unexpectedly.

  • 6/12/21, Denmark, 29 Soccer player Christian Eriksen collapses lifeless during a European Championship match - he can be revived, but needs a pacemaker for the rest of his life. 6/22/21, Hungary, 18 Footballer Viktor Marcell Hegedüs died while warming up for training in Hungary.

  • 7/14/21, Netherlands, 31 Olympic speed skating champion Kjelt Nuis seriously ill after vaccination, hospitalized with heart problems.

  • 7/16/21, Egypt Footballer Imad Bayumi died during a friendly match in Egypt.

  • 7/22/21, Germany, 36 During a football match, Schlanstedt's player Nicky Dalibor collapsed and had to be resuscitated on the pitch.

  • 7/23/21, Germany, 27 Tim B. of SV Hamberge (Schleswig-Holstein) collapses and dies after returning from a soccer tournament.

  • 7/24/21, Germany A player of TuS Hoberge-Uerentrup (Bielefeld) collapses on the pitch with cardiac arrest.

  • 7/31/21, Netherlands, 19 The 19-year-old handball player Whitnée Abriska died of cardiac arrest just before a flight.

  • 8/2/21, Belgium, 18 Rune Coghe (18) of Eendracht Hoglede (Belgium) suffers heart attack during game

  • 8/2/21, Austria, 18 Chronicle: 18-year-old unnamed player in Burgenland (Austria) collapses on pitch and can be saved thanks to helicopter intervention.

  • 8/6/21, Germany Kreisliga player of SpVgg Oelde II has to be resuscitated by his opponent. 8/14/21, Belgium, 37 The former French professional soccer player Franck Berrier, only 37 years old, died of several heart attacks while playing tennis.

  • 8/15/21, Germany Goalkeeper coach of SV Niederpöring suffers heart attack after training. 08/16/21, France, 24 Bordeaux professional Samuel Kalu collapses with cardiac arrest during Ligue 1 match.

  • 8/18/21, Belgium, 25 Belgian soccer player Jente Van Genechten suffers cardiac arrest in the early stages of a cup match.

  • 8/21/21, Turkey, 31 Fabrice N'Sakala of Besiktas Istanbul collapses on the field without the intervention of an opponent and has to be taken to hospital.

  • 8/24/21, Luxembourg, 29 José dos Reis, a player from Red Black Pfaffenthal (Luxembourg) collapses on the field and has to be resuscitated.

  • 8/29/21, Germany In the C-Liga Dillenburg (Central Hesse), a player from Hirzenhain collapses and the game is stopped.

  • 8/31/21, Barcelong star Sergio Aguero admitted to hospital for 'cardiac exam' after chest pain during match.

  • 9/5/21, France, 16 Diego Ferchaud (16 years) from ASPTT Caen suffers a cardiac arrest in an U-18 league match in Saint-Lô.

  • 9/6/21, Austria Player of ASV Baden (Lower Austria) collapses on the pitch and has to be resuscitated.

  • 9/6/21, Italy, 16 16-year-old unnamed soccer player in Bergamo suffers cardiac arrest.

  • 9/6/21, Belgium, 27 Belgian amateur soccer player Jens De Smet (27) from Maldegem suffers heart attack during game and dies in hospital.

  • 9/6/21, Italy, 13 13-year-old soccer player of Janus Nova club from Saccolongo (Italy) collapses on the pitch with cardiac arrest

  • 9/7/21, Great Britain, 17 17-year-old soccer player Dylan Rich dies of double heart attack during a match in England.

  • 9/9/21, Germany Player from Birati Club Münster suffers Eriksen fate in a Kreisliga match against FC Nordkirchen II: collapse with cardiac arrest. Match is abandoned.

  • 9/10/21, Germany, 24 Lucas Surek (24) of BFC Chemie Leipzig is diagnosed with myocarditis.

  • 9/11/21, France, 49 Ain/France: Frédéric Lartillot succumbs to heart attack in locker room after friendly match.

  • 9/11/21, Italy, 45 Andrea Astolfi, sporting director of Calcio Orsago, suffers a fulminant heart attack after returning from training and dies without prior illness.

  • 9/11/21, Denmark, 22 Abou Ali (22) collapses in cardiac arrest during a two-league match in Denmark.

  • 9/11/21, Netherlands, 19 Ice hockey player Sebastiaan Bos died suddenly and unexpectedly.

  • 9/19/21, Germany Volleyball coach Dirk Splisteser of SG Traktor Divitz collapses dead on the sidelines of the match.

  • 9/21/21, Augsburg Assistant referee of a Kreisliga-Augsburg game in Emersacker, collapses with heart problems.

  • 9/21/21, Germany During a women's World Cup qualifying match between Germany and Serbia in Chemnitz, English lineswoman Helen Byrne is carried off the pitch with heart problems.

  • 9/27/21, Germany Match abandoned due to cardiac arrest of referee in Lauber SV match (Donauwörth).

  • 9/27/21, Italy, 20 Young equestrian suffers a heart attack after the end of a tournament. 09/28/21, Germany, 17 17-year-old soccer player of JSG, Hoher Hagen, has to be resuscitated during game in Hannoversch, Münden.

  • 9/28/21, Italy, 53 53-year-old soccer coach Antonello Campus collapses dead in Sicily while training with his youth team.

  • 9/28/21, USA, 16 Twice-vaccinated teen collapses while playing soccer and dies a short time later.

  • 9/29/21, Germany Team manager Dietmar Gladow from Thalheim (Bitterfeld) suffers fatal heart attack before match.

  • 9/29/21, USA A high school football player collapsed during practice and died at the hospital.

  • 9/30/21, Germany A player collapsed during the Kreisliga A 2 match between SV Hoßkirch and TSV Sigmaringendorf. He suffered a cardiac arrest and had to be resuscitated.

  • 10/1/21, Germany, 15 Junior goalkeeper Bruno Stein of FC An der Fahner Höhe in Gräfentonna, Thuringia, dies.

  • 10/3/21, Austria, 64 Ex-goalkeeper coach and most recently talent scout Ernst Scherr died suddenly and unexpectedly.

  • 10/4/21, Germany, 42 Alexander Siegfried of VfB Moschendorf suddenly and unexpectedly collapsed and died.

  • 10/7/21, Italy, 17 A 17-year-old track and field athlete from Colverde collapses with cardiac arrest during training.

  • 10/8/21, France, 49 SC Massay player suffers fatal heart attack during game.

  • 10/9/21, Mexico Caddie Alberto Olguin dies at golf course after heart attack, believed to be second such death in a short time.

  • 10/9/21, England, 29 Shrewsbury pro striker Ryan Bowman leaves field after half an hour with extreme heart problems, is treated with a defibrillator.

  • 10/10/21, Italy, 18 Soccer player faints on the field, is resuscitated by teammates.

  • 10/10/21, France, 40 After warming up, a Saint James player suffers a heart attack.

  • 10/10/21, Italy, 59 A long-distance runner from Biella dies of heart failure during a race.

  • 10/10/21, Germany In the Women's Westphalia League match between Wacker Mecklenbeck and Fortuna Freudenberg, a player collapses shortly before the end of the match.

  • 10/12/21, Germany, 25 Goalkeeper of HC TuRa Bergkamen, Lukas Bommer, dies suddenly and unexpectedly.

  • 10/13/21, Mexico, 16 Student Hector Manuel Mendoza dies of a heart attack while training. 10/14/21, Brazil, 18 Young professional soccer player Fellipe de Jesus Moreira suffers a double heart attack and fights for his life.

  • 10/14/21, Italy, 27 Multiple cycling champion Gianni Moscon requires surgery for severe cardiac arrhythmia.

  • 10/14/21, Italy, 53 An AH soccer player suffers a heart attack during training.

  • 10/30/21, Spain, 33 Sergio Agüero, who plays for the Argentine national soccer team, has trouble breathing and clutches his chest during a Barcelona-Alavés La Liga match. He's taken to hospital and diagnosed with cardiac arrhythmia. He was promoting covid vaccines days earlier.

  • 9/13/21, Germany Anil Usta of VfB Schwelm (Ennepetal) collapses on the field with heart problems.

  • 9/13/21, France, 33 Dimitri Liénard of FC Strasbourg collapses with heart problems in a Ligue 1 match (pictured).

  • 9/14/21, USA, 37 Ex-NFL pro Parys Haralson dies suddenly and unexpectedly at age 37.

  • 9/18/21, Germany, 25 Kingsley Coman (25) of FC Bayern Munich undergoes heart surgery after cardiac arrhythmia.

  • 9/18/21, Canada, 25 Canadian university football player Francis Perron died shortly after a match.

  • 9/19/21, France, 19 19-year-old FC Nantes soccer player suffers cardiac arrest during training

  • 10/17/21, Argentina, 24 Nicolás de la Cruz, an Uruguayan soccer player on the River Plate team in Buenos Aires, is diagnosed with thrombosis in his left foot after leaving a match versus San Lorenzo.

  • 11/1/2021, Norway, 28 Emil Pálsson, an Icelandic football midfielder who plays for Sogndal in Norway, collapsed today after suffering cardiac arrest in the first half of a match against Stjordals-Blink. He was revived on the field and taken to the hospital, where he remains.

  • 10/27/2021, Argentina, 32 Ronald Biglione, soccer player with Deportivo Club Independencia from Argentina's General Levalle league, died a week after being diagnosed with Thrombotic Thrombocytopenia Purpura (blood clots) reportedly soon after his 2nd dose

  • 10/29/2021, Austria, 24 Boris Sádecký, a Slovakian ice hockey player for the Bratislava Capitals, collapsed in a game against the Dornbirn Bulldogs. He was resuscitated and taken to the hospital. He was placed in an induced coma and is in stable but still serious condition.

  • 11/4/2021, 24-Year-Old Hockey Player Dies After Suffering Cardiac Arrest During Game

  • Shawn Rhoden, a professional bodybuilder, has died of an apparent heart attack. He was 46. The Mr. Olympia champion is said to have died from a fatal heart attack it was announced Saturday,

  • 8 killed at Astroworld Festival in Houston, 11 among 17 hospitalized with cardiac arrest. Houston Fire Chief Samuel Peña told reporters at a news conference that the crowd surge broke out just after 9 pm on Friday while rapper Travis Scott was performing

  • 3 high school athletes died of sudden cardiac arrest. Their moms are fighting back.

  • Indian actor Puneeth Rajkumar has died aged 46 after suffering cardiac arrest on Friday, according to a statement from Vikram Hospital in the city of Bangalore.

  • Tarn Taran: Assistant Sub-Inspector Avtar Singh, who was posted at Motor Transport (MT) branch of the district police, died of cardiac arrest on Friday.

  • Leicester school 'devastated' at girl's cardiac arrest death

The events have become so common that this school is now monitoring students.

New York state will be required to establish rules for monitoring students who are exhibiting signs of sudden cardiac arrest as well as treatment for the problem, based on a law signed Monday by Gov. Kathy Hochul. The measure was pushed for by the mother of Dominic Murray, who died of sudden cardiac arrest while playing basketball at school in 2009.

“Student athletes are uniquely vulnerable to sudden cardiac arrest," said state Sen. Jim Gaughran. "Sudden cardiac arrest is preventable, and this law is critical to identifying, and preventing, any more tragic loss like that of Dominic Murray. I thank Dominic’s mom, Melinda Murray-Nyack, and all of the other families and advocates, for championing this law and their tremendous efforts across New York State in helping to raise awareness about sudden cardiac arrest. Our student athletes are safer and healthier because of the work of Melinda Murray-Nyack.”

Identifying the warning signs of sudden cardiac arrest could help prevent it. The measure requires the State Education Department to review information from the state Department of Health related to students who have shown symptoms of sudden cardiac arrest. The information will be posted on the department's website and included in a permission or consent form that would be required for a student to participate in sports.

At 17 years old, Dominic Murray collapsed and died on the basketball court at Farmingdale State College.

These events make us suspect that the intention behind the jab as we originally imagined possible is more sinister than being, "for your own good".

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