Redpill Projects Daily Dose Episode 199 | Teddy Daniels - Candidate for Congress in PA 8th District

Today's guest was Teddy Daniels, he's running for U.S. Congress in Pennsylvania's 8th District. On top of that he is a father, combat veteran, purple heart recipient, former law enforcement officer, former business owner, and as Josh put it, "...downright patriot."

"I'm going down there to represent the people in my district."

Teddy Daniels explained that he has a 4 year old son named Jack Daniels and goes on to say how he often wonders about what kind of future his son is going to have and said, "Any parent out there who truly loves his country and loves their children... It's a no-brainer. It's a no-brainer on why people would want to jump into this fight and put their asses on the line to go do this." referring to why he is running for Congress to be a representative for the people.

This conversation was brutally honest, and unfiltered. Daniels said, ""If we don't fix this we will never have a Republican in office ever again." And he's absolutely right. If this isn't fixed, a real Republican will never be elected. They might put a rhino in for optics and narrative purposes, but we can say goodbye to honest elections. Daniels pointed out that it's becoming more and more obvious and people can't hide it any longer when he said, "Now you're seeing who's real and who's fake, that's what you're starting to see."

Josh, Rightside Baddie, and Jason go into a breadth of topics with Teddy Daniels during this interview including:

  • The narrative being pushed down our throats

  • Fauci and his CCP virus

  • The fight for audits nationwide and in PA

  • The difference between the Freedom Caucus and the rest of the Republican Caucus

  • Leaders Vs. Representatives

  • Personal Accountability

  • The true purpose of the Constitution

  • First Amendment

  • Human Trafficking

  • Mental Liberals

  • Richard Lavine is a dude

  • Intersex

  • Transgender bathrooms and the exploits they invite

  • January 6th commission and Liz Cheney, the "WAR PIG"

  • Cryin' Adam Kissinger

  • The difference between a street cop and a capitol police officer

  • Ashli Babbitt

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