Ron DeSantis Threatens to Hold Twitter’s Board of Directors Accountable for Breaching Fiduciary Duty

By: The Gateway Pundit

On Tuesday Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced he was calling on the Special Session to file legislation to terminate all special districts that were enacted in Florida prior to 1968 and removal of exemptions from the big tech accountability law.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed into law HB 1557 last month, a measure that forbids instruction on sexual orientation and gender identity to children in grades pre-K through grade 3.

Then early this month, Abigail Disney, heiress to the Disney fortune, attacked conservatives for criticizing the company’s “woke” turn.

Bizarrely, she claimed “the large majority of Americans” don’t support “anti-woke” conservatives.

The Florida Legislature will be meeting this week to consider the congressional reapportionment plan for Florida for the next ten years. Gov. Ron DeSantis consider getting rid of special districts enacted before 1968.

But Governor DeSantis was not done yet. The Florida governor then threatened to hold Twitter’s Board of Directors accountable for breaching their fiduciary duty by activating a “poison pill” to thwart Elon Musk’s attempted acquisition of the company.

The leftists at Twitter don’t support free speech and would rather see the company suffer than allow the Constitutional right on their platform.

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