RINO AZ Gov Ducey Vetos New Law That Would Require Counties To Cancel Illegal Voter Registrations

By: The Gateway Pundit

RINO Arizona Governor Doug Ducey recently vetoed a key election integrity measure that would require County Recorders to cancel voter registrations of unqualified electors.

Only legal votes count, and HB2617 sponsored by State Representative Joseph Chaplik would have helped to ensure that only legal voters can vote.

The bill is summarized,

Requires a county recorder to cancel the voter registration of a person for whom the county recorder receives and confirms information that the person is not a U.S. citizen, has been issued a driver license or nonoperating license in another state or is otherwise not a qualified elector. Outlines notice requirements prior to cancelling a person’s voter registration. Requires the Secretary of State (SOS) and a county recorder to compare the voter registration database with prescribed databases.

Chaplik responded to the Governor’s veto calling it “shocking.”

Ducey claimed that “The implementation of this provision is vague and lacks any guidance for how a county recorder would confirm such a determination.” However, the bill clearly outlines how the County Recorder and Secretary of State will confirm residency and citizenship status through a cross-reference of prescribed databases with 90-days prior notice to the voter whose registration is in question.

Doug Ducey certified the rigged 2020 Presidential Election, and it seems he is perfectly fine letting the Democrats steal future elections.

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