RECAP: Redpill Project Daily Dose Episode 264 | Well Regulated Militia

Part I: Featuring Dr. Mark Sherwood

Dr. Mark Sherwood is a Patriot and Naturopathic Doctor on a mission to help people achieve wellness in every area of their life. He has stepped up in his community to be the next Governor of Oklahoma since he sees the need for better representation there among almost everywhere else in the United States today.

Josh and Dr. Sherwood discuss the violent terror attack we witnessed this weekend in Wisconsin. "Hurting people hurt people.", Dr. Sherwood explained how people who do these crimes are hurting and it's a result of society today. He then talks to Josh about peace coming in during a chaotic storm many are in the midst of. Josh and Dr. Sherwood break it down to the degradation of the family structure in our communities.

Dr. Sherwood's personal affirmation:

Thank you God for making me into a great man, husband, father, and friend. You made me a great leader, influencer, and healer. Therefore, I am focused, diligent, diciplined, and exemplary. I am peaceful and joyful. Exuding living in supreme health abounding in wisdom and overemploying in love. I hear your voice and follow your directions with the servant warrior heart in mind.

Part II: News and Show Notes

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