RECAP: Redpill Project Daily Dose Episode 248 | Humanity On The Brink

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

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Part I: Dr. Sherwood

Dr. Mark Sherwood joins us every Monday night LIVE to discuss the health paradigm we find ourselves in the middle of. Mental, physical, spiritual health, and everything in between. Dr. Sherwood makes it a point to highlight the true pandemic: FEAR.

Dr. Sherwood is also running for Oklahoma Governor and holds the values we need to demand in all of our representatives. In this episode, Josh, Jay, and Dr. Sherwood take some time to discuss what is important for us to see within our representatives. Dr. Sherwood discussed the 2nd amendment and said,

We don't need to give up our guns because a well armed citizenry is the greatest deterent to crime.
When Tyranny becomes the norm. Defiance becomes your duty.

One powerful point that Dr. Sherwood made was the idea pushed out by the mainstream of essential and non-essential duties. He said, if somebody is deemed non-essential does that then mean they are non-essential human beings? He said, "this is tyranny and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out."

What else was covered today with Dr. Sherwood?:

  • Dr. Sherwood's experience in SWAT

  • Dunning Kruger effect

  • What is radical?

  • Learning to love again

  • Fear-based, emotional driven behavior and decisions

  • The danger of teaching selfishness

  • Loving

Dr. Sherwood: "I don't know what the answer is other than to keep praying people even if they don't like you; Keep loving people even if they don't love you; And keep blessing them even if they curse you."
  • Using logic and rationalism

  • Re-establishing the family and community

  • Looking back at history

  • Jason: "Don't be the taker be the doer"

  • Man and Woman are one

  • Being a part of the solution

  • The Feminization of America via estrogenic compounds

  • Water supply

  • Standards of excellence

Dr. Sherwood: There's an acronym I've learned to live by. It's 'WIN', What's, Important, Now.
Dr. Sherwood: I realize the precious value of today. It is not time that I've earned. It's time that I've been granted. I get 1440 minutes a day. That's all I get. And how I spend those minutes is an investment. I don't want to waste the investment of the greatest gift I've been given called time.


Part II: News, Show Notes and Q&A

First of all, what is going on with Alec Baldwin!? Josh and Jason dive deep into what has happened and the strange, Wonderland-like connections that just can't be ignored. Isn't it suspicious that the victim who was killed, Halyna Hutchin's husband worked for Latham and Watkins, the law firm representing the DNC, and Sussman who was just indicted by Durham? In addition to that, looking into Halyna Hutchin's background, she was a Soviet immigrant who grew up on a military base in the arctic circle.

Josh shared this person's opinion of the matter who suspects a crime might have been committed: THE REAL REASON FOR THE ALEC BALDWIN SHOOTING.


In reality, there are likely to be tens of thousands if not 100k plus migrants coming over the border. Could this be a distraction to move other weapons, terrorists, and illegal activities across the border while attention is on Texas? Why isn't the administration doing anything about this? Maybe they're complicit.


Watch the full episode to listen to the Q&A at the end of the episode!

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