RECAP: That's Not Funny | Morning Qoffee | Live with Andrea & Vince June 17, 2022

By: Redpill Project


The copycat…


Top Economist Hassett: You’re Going to be Looking at Rate Hikes Every Month This Year Going into 2023 – Stock Market Is Halfway to Its Bottom (VIDEO)

McDonald's Introduces New 1 Bitcoin Value Menu


Beware of politicians that tell you to close your eyes.

Priorities: Joe Biden to Host Global Climate Talks as U.S. Gas Prices, Inflation Soar

Dr. Simone Gold Sentenced to Prison For Speaking with Megaphone Inside US Capitol on January 6

‘Ministry of Truth’ 2.0: Kamala Harris to Lead New Task Force Targeting “Online Harassment, Abuse, and Disinformation Campaigns”

New Mexico county refuses to certify election results over machine concerns, igniting legal battle

Study Shows Kids Who Are Homeschooled Could Miss Out On Opportunity To Be A Gay Communist


(Video) I know CNN & MSNBC never aired this, so I figured I would. Spot on, don't you think?

ICYMI - China launched its third aircraft carrier.

Julian Assange's Extradition To US Formally Approved By UK Government

Previous world order won't return – Putin

After Visiting 2022, Time-Traveling Noah Decides To Go Back And Sink The Ark


Lawsuit claiming heavy metals in baby food are causing autism and ADHD given green light to proceed

San Francisco Mayor Happily Reports Less Human Poop On City Streets Due To Food Shortages


O Captain, Meme Captain

I stand with Ukra… Batman Meme

D.C. Politicians On Edge As CDC Announces Arrival Of Lizardpox

Guess she left her holster at home

A Message From Matthew McConaughey...

Anti-Trudeau children’s book tops Amazon bestseller list

Bill Barr researching voter fraud

"I chew on my tongue a lot..." bieber

Hunchback bieber

Bieber fauci shot meme

If anyone asks, I accidentally posted this while high on ambien

Wil smith bieber meme

Pfizer doll out now, comes free when you get your child boosted

Jill Biden is Alice Cooper

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