RECAP: Redpill Project Daily Dose Episode 280 | Guest: Dr. Mark Sherwood | Winter Is Coming

Part I: Guest Dr. Mark Sherwood

Dr. Sherwood, candidate for Governor of Oklahoma governor has a discussion about the global medical conspiracy that every awake individual is watching as well as the close tie to the political spiderweb in our country and how to save America as we know it.

Dr. Sherwood: "If it is not stopped at the state level we are foolish and stupid. The Federal level is gone, it's compeltely gone. It's GONE folks. The America as we know it is gone because we sat back for many, many years and did nothing. But the America that we can bring back is going to be stronger potentially. If we bring it back at the state level, elect the right governors, and governors stand up and declare state sovereignty and push back. You and I can take our kids and move to those states, and guess what can be over...? COVID. Forever!


Part II: News and Show Notes

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