RECAP: Redpill Project Daily Dose Episode 269 | Guest: Dr. Mark Sherwood | Omicron Delta

Part I: Featuring Dr. Mark Sherwood

Dr. Sherwood's mission is to, "Lead people on the pathway of true healing." Two of the pathways taken to achieve this are to eliminate all unnecessary use of medication and eradicate all self-imposed choice-driven diseases.

Before foods had been genetically modified they were more easily digestible without the inflammation we see today from foods like corn and soy. Now, we have to be cognizant of what we put into our bodies in order to achieve optimal health and avoid unnecessary diseases caused by an inflammatory response. Dr. Sherwood and Josh talk about this agenda and the end goal which is power and control over you and me.

Dr. Sherwood: "Developing discipline is the greatest thing one can do to gain freedom."

Part II: News and Events / Show Notes

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