RECAP: Redpill Project Daily Dose Episode 266 | Special Guest Jackson Lahmeyer | Home of the Brave

Part I: Featuring Jackson Lahmeyer

Jackson Lahmeyer is a 4th generation Oklahoman, devoted father, faithful husband, successful businessman, teacher, and pastor running for the U.S. Senate. Lahmeyer never thought he would run for political office, but after James Lankford betrayed President Trump on January 6, Lahmeyer said he was ‘fed up’ and decided to enter the race.

Jackson Lahmeyer knows that the main thing we need to talk about and fix is the stolen 2020 election. All of the other issues can not be addressed if we can't win an election. He believes we need Republican leaders to do the right thing, he said he has his suspicions as to what motivates individuals to do otherwise... RINOs AKA Trators to the USA.

When Jackson Lahmeyer becomes a senator he said he can never support Mitch Mcconnel. He strongly believes we need 'America first' candidates who will do the right thing. He can see that voting no on many bills is necessary since it violates states' sovereignty and is detrimental in many ways.

We need people who will fight back with the media.

Jackson Lahemeyer is a fiery guest because he is passionate and has no fear of speaking the truth. Courage is more contagious than COVID and he is on the forefront of the battlefield speaking up.

We are in a war in the country right now and if we don't get fighters right now we are going to lose.

Part II: News and Events

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