RECAP: Redpill Project Daily Dose Episode 256 | Shadow Presidency

Just after discussing how over the weekends things are generally quiet in the news cycle, we were bombarded with event after event. Josh said, "After this weekend, I'm telling you... If you didn't think we were in a spiritual war, you better damn well believe it now..."

Why is Obama as an unelected official going to COP26 as a representative of the US? Josh said, maybe they are there planning the new world order based on a propaganda campaign that people are killing the planet and need to pay a global tax for the air we breathe and the water we consume.


Kyle Rittenhouse Trial


The Brandon Administration

Josh looks at the whole picture with Jason and they discuss the possibility of what's to come. Biden's approval rating was reported by the mainstream as being worse than ever and Kamala's being exceedingly worse in the eyes of most Americans. To top it off many Democrats are now under the impression that the election was stolen from Trump.

This, coupled with the "supply chain crisis" and looming economic peril many foresee, it led Josh to connect the dots. Considering some heads of the Hydra want to implement The New World order and a communist agenda could they be setting the stage to coerce more people into taking vaccinations and giving up their freedom in exchange for survival as things get worse?

Economy and Supply Chain

#AXEtheVAX Mandate Protest

Travis Scott Concert: Astroworld



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