RECAP: Redpill Project Daily Dose Episode 255 | Special Guest Leigh Dundas | Silent Civil War

Part I: Guest Leigh Dundas

Sir Winston Churchill: "If you're going through hell, keep going."

In this episode, Leigh Dundas joined us once again. She is a human rights attorney and abolitionist. She has a powerful voice that can be heard at Clay Clark's Reawaken America Tour.

Leigh Dundas agrees that we are in an administrative tyranny. She pointed out that Biden essentially put out a press conference ("mandate") that led to all of the overreaches by companies and entities like OSHA. She pointed out that even though this isn't constitutional, the goal is to give everybody the jab which is, "an absolute kill shot," based on the information we have available.

Leigh Dundas has been shown documents leading her to believe there very well could be liability involved with the jab rollouts we are seeing. She points out that we need the system to function properly so lawyers can do their work and hold people accountable. Also, pilots are dying and we may be hearing more regarding that soon...

Josh points out the Pfizer whistleblower who was fired after filing a whistleblower complaint regarding misinformation to gain approval for the jabs. Although courts should take care of these things, with courts which Leigh considers, "...worse than the third world countries I've worked in..." it is not occurring. The executive branch and legislative branch are just as out of control. She points out that although this should not be occurring it is, so the question becomes, what are we going to do about it?

Nov. 8-11th many are walking out and protesting.

Text FREEDOM to 53445

We continue the discussion and the battle for freedom we find ourselves in. Join the swaths of people who are taking action and demanding freedom across the nation.


Part II: News and Show Notes

Jason agrees with the title of this show. He noted the violence from BLM, Antifa, and other Democrat-leaning groups over the months. He said, there are multiple heads of the hydra... We're expecting the rest of the people, who can wake up, will begin waking up after witnessing the elections, Durham news, and more as it unfolds.

"...and here we are right in the middle of this, it's an interesting time to be alive."

Jason brought up that it's interesting that Monday through Friday is filled with impactful news but on the weekend things tend to simmer down. Josh points out how if they broadcast this much on the weekends way more people would be waking up because many more people are off work and would protest. Everyone is becoming more and more determined to get more involved especially after speaking to our influential and intelligent guests like Leigh Dundas, April Moss, and others.

Jason: "It's all pretty scary but the number one thing is to be prepared for it."

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