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Part I: Guest April Moss

April Moss was a Local CBS broadcast journalist and member of the National Weather Association who announced live on air that she will be revealing discrimination at her station. She met with Project Veritas and discussed the situation at length with James O'Keefe and even published the recording of her boss firing her shortly after.

Since April's sit-down with James O'keefe (Project Veritas) where she blew the whistle on her experience at CBS, she has since been working with Real America's Voice an up-and-coming network that reports with integrity.

With people not wanting to watch Fox news and even Newsmax, many people look to places like Real America's Voice for their news and topics that the compromised mainstream media won't touch.

April Moss will be airing two doctors who came forward within the next couple of days to whistleblow on the healthcare system. They are no longer working with the hospital systems they were working with at the time because they refuse to get the jab. Doctors like this are working with the community to create a parallel healthcare system that doesn't discriminate against people due to their jab status so everyone is still able to get the care they deserve.

April Moss is also passionate about education and is working on informational webinars regarding homeschooling. She realizes fixing the public education system is still a major concern since not everybody can be homeschooled still but for many homeschooling is being sought. She points out that it is easier than many believe it to be. Watch the full interview.

Other topics of discussion with April Moss:

  • Small business

  • Middle class

  • Reparations

  • Being your own hero

  • Military

  • Crimes against humanity

  • Climate change


Part II: News And Show Notes

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