RECAP: Redpill Project Daily Dose Episode 253 | Special Guest Ann Vandersteel | Waking Up Ain't Easy

Part I: Guest Ann Vandersteel

Ann Vandersteel has been seeking and sharing truth since the beginning. She is the host of the Steel Truth and has been instrumental in bringing the truth and the facts to the world from the frontlines. Ann helped us understand her perspective of what is happening in this episode.

We had a tremendous time discussing our country's founding documents and the fact that we are living through a pivotal point in history now. We talked at length about the founding documents and what they really mean. How language affects us and the importance of the definition of words when interpreting.

We also discuss the data and science behind the jab and the cognitive dissonance plaguing people in this war we find ourselves in. Ann Vandersteel said:

You can' t not see it. The people who choose not too... It's willfull cognitive dissonance.

When discussing our country's foundation Ann explained what many people still need to understand and that is that we're a strong republic, not a broken mob democracy and we are working on shedding the administrative style government and implementing our original condition. She said:

The government does not give you your rights. They give you privelages. God gives you Rights. Our founding fathers enumerated those in the documents of our decloration and our constitution.

She explains how the framework for how our communities should be run is there, everyone just needs to take control and wake up. The people have the power.

We dive into many more aspects of the global cabal, the jab, and much more in this must-watch episode.


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Part II: News And Show Notes

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