RECAP: Redpill Project Daily Dose Episode 250 | Senator Wendy Rogers & Leigh Dundas

Part I: Guest | Senator Wendy Rogers

Senator Wendy Rogers is a beacon of freedom, personal rights, and civil liberties and represents a portion of Northern Arizona. She tells us what she is currently spearheading and we also discuss the current status of the Arizona election audit and more.

On the audit, we know there was obviously fraud that occurred and many are saying there is plenty there to support criminal indictments now. If we will see them now is unknown but we certainly can suggest that we should. Wendy Rogers told us she contacted Doug Logan (Cyber Ninjas) requesting his supplemental report in order to help it gain more traction. After her team uploaded it to President Trump picked it up.

She assured us that they are doing everything they can to craft legislation that they'll be able to pass that will fix a lot of the anomalies we have witnessed. I a closed caucus Wendy had just attended, many of the issues we were asking about happened to be key topics that they are analyzing behind those closed doors. Wendy Rogers knows that if we don't fix this now, we won't have honest elections moving forward. This is a race against time, and there are many moving pieces.

Wendy Rogers: "I need you to send me state senators and state representatives from your states who you know, embrace election integrity, tee that up for me, send their names, and email. Send the introduction of them to my team at"

We also discussed:

  • Election Primaries

  • Election Fraud Historically

  • US Constitution

  • Election Integrity Strategy

  • Border Invasion

  • Sovereignty

  • Military

  • Attending School Board Meetings

  • Pushing Back

  • Petition to decertify Election (


Part II: Guest | Leigh Dundas


Leigh Dundas passionately dove right into what we can do in order to regain our freedom using our voices. People nationwide are standing up together on November 8-11 as they hold the line protesting the mandates. (Text "Freedom" to 53445").

Leigh explains that the people have the power and if we stand up and refuse to do the bidding of the corrupt then we will prevail.

Leigh comes from a history of Patriots. She tells us, "My paternal grandfather standing on the deck of the USS West Virginia when the Japanese bombed it out from under him in Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. And he literally sank into water that was on fire. They had to swim through water that was on fire." He then went back into service where he was bombed again and again. She told us many of his brothers were not as fortunate to have survived past December 7, 1941. She points out that these men gave their lives so that we could lay our heads on our pillow and get up and take our kids to school every day. She believes that now, it's our turn.

We also discussed:

  • Supply Chain

  • Pandemic

  • Mandate

  • Child brothel industry

  • Chicago school districts / hospitals

  • Not supporting tyranny

  • Recalls

  • School boards

  • and more...


Part III: News and Show-Notes

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