RECAP: Redpill Project Daily Dose Episode 249 | Sovereignty & Sustainability

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Part I: Guest - Steve Cloward

Steve Cloward was in real estate and had lost his identity at one point in his life coming out of federal state prison. A couple of years after that he got involved in selling satellite TV services, and after familiarizing himself he started his own business to sell these services. Once he identified what he really wanted he learned everything he could about the solar industry and went all in to provide solar services through his company Advanced Home Pros.

Power outages and emergency situations occur all the time, and having a secondary or tertiary system in place can be beneficial during these times. The reality we're living in today and the signs of disruptions in the future, whether they happen or not, many are hedging their bets and preparing for worst-case scenarios.

Steve Cloward graciously explained the basics of solar for us and answered some fan questions. Some of the topics covered include:

  • The difference between off-grid and on-grid.

  • Battery back-ups

  • Battery Technology

  • Panels

  • Cost

  • Implementation

  • Future possibilities

  • Tax breaks


Contact Steve if you're interested in his services and let him know the Redpill Project sent you.

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Part II: News and Show Notes

  • Q&A (View full episode for Q&A)

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