RECAP: Redpill Project Daily Dose Episode 241 | Guest: Danielle Neuschwanger | Federalist 46

Part 1: Interview

Josh and Vince are joined by Danielle Neuschwanger, candidate for Governor in Colorado. We discussed everything including, election integrity, vaccine mandates, pandemic response failures, crime, immigration, drug, and sex trafficking, and more.

Danielle had a 10-year career in Criminal Justice then began practicing Real Estate in 2016, eventually opening up wild Buck Reality in 2019. It's no secret that she is tough, intelligent, and a formidable force from her life experiences. She has been quoted laughing and stating, "Chaos is my middle name".

Running for Political office was never her plan until she witnessed extreme and radical ideals plaguing Colorado and the rest of the Nation. She's done watching politicians tip-toe around and is quoted as saying,

I’m disgusted with special interest agendas, weak spined politicans, and corruption that isn’t afraid to operate in the daylight. It is time to saddle up and get this country back on track, and I plan to do just that in a way that is unapologetically me.

After our in-depth conversation, Danielle ended on a positive note encouraging optimism in such tumultuous times saying,

...stop getting into the negative start focusing on the positive because we've got a plan to take back Colorado.

Josh expressed his excitement noticing again the promise that Danielle Neuschwanger brings to the table. He reflected, "I've been a firm believer that the Republican Party of Colorado was hijacked A long time ago that the Republican Party of Colorado is nothing more than the extension of the democrat party here in Colorado. And so when I see candidates like that (Danielle Neuschwanger), and then there are a few others that I met, I feel good"


PART 2: Show Notes

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