RECAP: Redpill Project Daily Dose Episode 240 | Dark Winter Inbound

Part I:

Dr. Mark Sherwood joined Joshua Reid, Jason Reid, and Vince Tagliavia and discussed with us ways to stay healthy and the unfortunate truth behind the medical system. We have a unique opportunity to now learn weekly from Dr. Mark Sherwood in an effort to educate ourselves and our loved ones about health so we can all live long and prosperous lives especially during these tumultuous times soaked in misguided fear. He has an impeccable history of healing and takes an approach too often overlooked by many others today.

Dr. Sherwood made an important point, "It's not a fake virus. It is a virus that really does cause systems to overreact. But part of our misgivings and our missteps, if you will, is not treating it correctly, we have painted a picture of lethality, a picture of fear, but we've not talked about how to prepare the body to deal with it."

We received a crash course on diabetes and a short history as well as the mechanisms at play with the disease. We discussed good health practices and also how remedies for the symptoms are often prescribed but the root cause of the disease often goes unaddressed as we see for many diseases.

the conversation goes on to discuss disease in general and how to treat your immune system right. Type Two Diabetes, osteoporosis, heart disease, cancers, Alzheimer's, dementia, autoimmune conditions..., vitamins, FDA, and the Father of Medicine, Hippocrates.

Dr. Sherwood made an excellent point when he said,

I got to tell you the appearances at this point of what I'm seeing and hearing. Not even thinking about diet, not thinking about sleep, not thinking about stress, not thinking about who you're hanging around with your marriage, you know, your family, business, kids, job security. I mean, these are real issues.

Part II:


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