RECAP: Redpill Project Daily Dose Episode 238 | America Stand Up | Guest Dr. Scott Jensen

Today's first segment featured Dr. Scott Jensen. Dr. Jensen is a prestigious medical practitioner who was taught to be skeptical and ask questions since he was a young man. In 2016, he was voted the Minnesota Family Doctor of the Year. And, he was one of the most logical and outspoken individuals in the medical community when Covid first hit. He thought arbitrarily and locking down businesses was a bad idea. He created a Tiktok to raise questions and reach a young audience and has been battling censorship since. He has also been a victim of many investigations in attempts to have his license encumbered. He said,

I could say the sky was blue and I would be fact checked.

From 2017-2021 Dr. Jensen served in the Minnesota Senate and had experience teaching for three decades at the University of Minnesota Medical School.

Now, he is a strong candidate for governor in the state of Minnesota.

During the conversation, he discussed the out-of-ordinary practices that he had noticed during the COVID fiasco and how the trust of countless patients was broken. In addition, he touched on the methods and avenues taken by doctors in response to CDC was untypical. Overall Dr. Jensen is compelled to run for governor not because he wants to necessarily, but because he needs to, he said,

We're having our own battle for freedom and independence all over again. And the question is, are we up to the challenge?


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