RECAP: Redpill Project Daily Dose Episode 234 | Rep. Paul Gosar - AZ Audit, Constitution

Paul A. Gosar, US Congressman Representing Arizona's 4th District joined Joshua Reid, Jason Reid, and Vince Tagliavia today to discuss the Constitution, the Arizona Audit, and the current unfolding events that have America's attention. Paul believes that the Constitution is the cornerstone of our Republic and always pursues policies that allow for more individual liberty and less government involvement.

With the preliminary aspect of the audit coming to a conclusion Gosar pointed out there was undoubtedly manipulated data, deleted data, multiple votes per person, and issues with more ballots regarding signatures. He said,

There was fraud and we have got to open it wide open.

Gosar said he knows there have been suspicions in Arizona's 2016 election as well that one could say somewhat mirrors the inconsistencies with the distribution of votes over time in this election as demonstrated by the recent audit findings.

When asked what we the people should do Gosar stated, "I would actually go and sign up and force your county elections commission to walk you through to process that they go through. Find the frail points. Challenge them. Oversee at the voting places. Volunteer to look at the rolls and clean them up." and, "Start standing for voting legislation."


We often discuss the constitutionality of the mandates. The cases referenced by some lawyers as to why they believe the draconian mandates we see are constitutional are 14th amendment cases including Indiana Vs. Jacobson. Joshua points out how this might be a 4th amendment case. Gosar said he agrees and said an argument to utilize the 10th amendment could be made as well since healthcare is a factor of that. The first amendment could also be argued, he said.


Show Notes:

  • Engaging with the tribal entities hit hardest by covid vaccine

  • Power of one

  • Truth, principle

  • Human/sex trafficking

  • Family

  • Small business

  • Immigration

  • Communism

  • Socialism

  • James Maddison

  • Federalist 46

  • Awakening of the people

  • Desantis

  • Big Tech

  • Crooked courts

  • Sovereignty of states

  • Local politics

  • Pelosi

  • Unequal application of the law

Gosar: A republic without law is no republic at all
  • Holding those responsible for COVID accountable before it went to Wuhan, China. NIH, CDC, FDA, Fauci, Big Pharma

  • Therapeutics: India's success in utilizing Ivermectin: 50+ studies proving the efficacy

  • Staying healthy UV light, Zinc, Vitamin D, eat well, sleep well, work out

  • Natural Immunity

  • Build Back Better Bill

  • Constitution

  • Immunity

  • Why Airlines comply

  • Pharmacy and Doctors

  • The chaotic nature of politics and confusion consequently

  • Collusion

  • Public shaming

  • Celebrities waking up; Hollywood, sports

  • Adverse vaccine reactions: Leaky vaccine

  • Whistleblower: Lt. Commander Theresa Long

  • Project Veritas

  • NDAA

  • Red flag law

  • Limiting the size of bills

  • Afghanistan

  • Milley

  • Coup

  • Radcliff

  • Economic crisis?

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