RECAP: Redpill Project Daily Dose Episode 226 | Patriots Fight

The conflict among the multiple heads of the mysterious, metaphorical, impalpable hydra aggressively progresses it's broad agendas with moves and counter-moves, leaking it's influence across the globe unceasingly. We impatiently bear witness, decoding the events to the best of our abilities while defending our individual liberties as people like the leaves, fruits, and flowers of a tree as the roots, trunk and branches and environment dictate almost every aspect of our survival. Like the spirit of a tree, fate for mankind will be dictated by God whatever the circumstances.

As Joshua Reid breaks it down and discusses his understanding with Jason Reid and Vince Tagliavia, the events we're witnessing individually are seemingly independent of any organized agenda however after further analysis pearls can be strung and possible scenarios can be extrapolated from the circumstances.

What are we seeing now?


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