RECAP: Redpill Project Daily Dose Episode 225 | Special Guests - Dr. Lauren & Dr. Jo

Joshua Reid and Vince Tagliavia were grateful to have Dr. Lauren Pruett & Dr. Jo Frank join them in a discussion of the events that have been unfolding before us especially as it relates to health. The doctors shared their unique stories with us that mirror much of what many others are experiencing in the States and around the world. Pretty much from the beginning Dr. Lauren Pruett was skeptical of the covid hysteria similarly to Dr. Jo Frank who questioned everything after her small businesses were forced to shut down causing her to find a job where she met Dr. Lauren.

Both ladies volunteered for the Maricopa County audits and began paying attention to America's Front line Doctors early on. When other doctors were talking about regimens involving therapeutics that were effective but shunned Dr. Lauren Pruett began asking questions.

Unfortunately, like many, both guests had lost their jobs early this year and were either forced to resign or fired for not complying with mask rules or mandates/rules at their pharmacy. Although difficult, they described the situation as a blessing in disguise. They highlight the importance of positivity and high vibrations in these stressful and unprecedented times we are all facing.

They said that since the vaccines are still under their trial for a couple years that the vaccine mandates rolled out by the Biden Administration are tyrannical. Average people are beginning to ask more questions after being asked to take a vaccine then another, and another. Josh talked about his moderate neighbors who have woken up since he began asking questions and learned more about the science behind everything.

Working in clean rooms they wore full body covered suits. If anybody is sick, they are not allowed to go into the clean room because a mask and that suit are not sufficient in stopping a virus. "Like a mosquito in a chain-link fence". They both say, "masks are ineffective." Dr. Jo Frank mentioned how the mask box itself says it doesn't protect against viruses.

Josh talked about The WTF study and how conservatives are disproportionately targeted by COVID "mysteriously".

Don't do anything against your best judgement and consult your doctor for any medical advice. I asked Dr. Lauren Pruett, "Aside from just utilizing something like Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine, what things in conjunction with that would a doctor or somebody recommend in fighting a cold or COVID?" she said, "Everybody in my opinion should be on 1000mg of vitamin C" she also mentions Vitamin D (depending on levels; should be 80-100 according to some of her colleagues), 50mg zinc per day, 500mg quercetin daily. On top of these things I've heard recommendations of common cold and flu medicines are also good as well as gargling with medicated mouth was like Listerine and utilizing Zicam nose swabs because the virus builds up in your nose and mouth this might help tame it. This is not medical advice, just information I've heard alleged.

On details about the audit it was nice to hear how confident they were with the chain of command and the strict nature of the audits although I believe it will still be a very tough battle ahead and results will be released very soon, we're told.

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