RECAP: Redpill Project Daily Dose Episode 217 | Reality Check

With us rolling into September Josh mentioned there's a lot of action on the chessboard. Josh said, "The most important piece on the chess board is the pawn. See the pawn if it works hard enough and gets to it's destination it can become anything it wants. It is a highly strategic piece on the chessboard for other reasons as well."

Right now people are feeling down. Josh insists that people be implored with the understanding and knowledge that you are in control of your own reality.

"More specifically you are in control of the destiny of this country. It's the actions you put forth. It's the intentions you align with those actions that promulgate the real change that will transform the face of this country and the face of this planet. It is us that are seemingly pawns on this chessboard of this globalist game that can become anything we want."

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