RECAP: Redpill Project Daily Dose Episode 201: The Comm Before The Storm

Things are ramping up in the world and the world is beginning to see the light. Something is off, something is wrong. Well, we can consider this episode the Comm Before The Storm. It is the warning that things are about to get weird, crazy and full of chaos. It is time to prepare for something that most of us have waited a lifetime for.

Josh had an Epic Rant at about 17:00 minutes into the show about who's responsibility it was to take back America. You can watch it here.

The show begins with talking about NY State Gov. Cuomo and now how the Democrats are calling for his resignation. This comes a week after the FBI cleared him of an investigation into the Nursing Home deaths. Many allegations surfaced again pertaining to sexual assault and harassment and the NY AG has notified the public that she is criminally investigating the Governor.

More links pertaining to the News covered.

NYC Mayor, the raging socialist has now issued mask mandates for all indoor activities. This comes as a violation of Constitutional authority and another attack on personal and individual freedoms on the citizens of the US by the cabal.

A new study has shown that those who have had COVID could potentially show a decrease in intelligence.

Cases of the Delta Variant continue to rise in the highly vaccinated elderly populations. Which we warned would happen. This in particular in the highly conservative population in Florida.

Israel has implemented new COVID restrictions and travel restraints towards the USA.

Another office has committed suicide from the Jan 6th "Riot". This comes a day after the announcement of the fellow officer Gunther Hashida. The group explains how abnormal this is and how things just do not make sense. There seems to be a connection to these men who are committing suicide and their roles or statements made to authorities about the events of that day.


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Election Fraud & Non-Cyber Related Potential Stolen Votes

In other news... Men are now starting to outnumber women. Looking at the report it shows that many people between 1971 to 2017 had decided to abort female babies, approximately 45 million, so they could hold out for a boy. Mostly in China and India.

China has one, and soon the US will too if something is not done. Here come the Social Credit Scores.

More Natural Disasters and the Destruction of viable land that is used for farming and resources.

Just keep your kids away from this pedo ridden place...

Watch Redpill Project Daily Dose Episode 201 - The Comm Before The Storm

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