RECAP: Redpill Daily Dose Episode 247 | Global Narrative Being Set


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Part I: The Breakdown

Josh breaks down the global unfolding conspiracy and how the narrative is being set by the MSM. The global stage is ready for what comes next. He makes a point that it's okay to believe good things are happening behind the scenes but that we should be preparing for the worse nonetheless.

Josh and Jay then hypothesize about what occurred in January and look at some of the theories out there. The multi-faceted event that unfolded is surrounded by evidence of what actually occurred but it's hard to answer the question, "Why?".

Josh: There's things going on that are coordinated.

Josh finishes part 1 with an epic epilogue from his heart regarding the truth about our country, the constitution, freedom, and what he foresees for the future.


Part II: News and Show-Notes

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