RECAP: Redpill Daily Dose Episode 246 A New Economy, A New World

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Part I: Mike Colomb Interview

Mike Colomb believes that the government is out of control with its Federal, State, and local regulations that loom over businesses today. Through a "business vehicle" called a PMA (Private Membership Association), he and his wife have opened 3 businesses and are helping others do the same.

The concept is built around the constitution and law. The constitution says, "no state can pass any law that impairs the obligation of contract". So by creating your business as a PMA, everything having to do with that business is a private contractual matter between you and your members. This is different than a public domain business where you are subject to licensing, statutes, regulations, etc. to conduct business.

Mike tells us his story and teaches us a little bit about how PMAs operate and what his mission is. He is a PMA Advisor and works with a group of individuals to help people with, Strategic Planning, Executive Coaching, and Leadership Guidance.


Part II: News And Show-Notes

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