RECAP: Redpill Daily Dose Episode 230 | The Fall Is Here

Today marked the start of the fall. The leaves are beginning to turn as the sunlight shifts. Cooler weather, shorter days, and extra foliage are the last thing we're concerning ourselves with this fall.

Joshua Reid, Jason Reid, and Vince Tagliavia met to discuss today's global, US, and other news that links together with the events of the past. This helps extrapolate what is likely to occur in the future.

The most pertinent story covered has to be related to the unethical medical practices we are seeing reported. Project Veritas hasn't yet touched on this, but there are a lot of people discussing something frightening.

People are claiming that jabbed individuals are treated differently from the unvaccinated. Allegedly, the treatment differs in the therapeutics used. Certain therapeutics are known to cause more damage to internal organs and further jeopardize people's health. Other procedures are detrimental to people's breathing furthering their illnesses and ultimately resulting in death.

Alternative therapeutics are widely available but are being ditched. Lawyers are often having to come into the equation in an effort to save people's lives.

Project Veritas is beginning to pry into the medical stories through their whistle-blower's evidence. The people brave enough to come forward to shine a light on the unethical medical madness are heroes.

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