RECAP: Morning Qoffee w/ Andrea and Vince 4/19/22



World Bank to spend $170B as global growth forecast drops amid Ukraine war

Global economy to 'slow significantly' following Russian invasion of Ukraine: IMF

Why a near-term recession is unlikely: Morning Brief

There is a 35% chance of a recession in 2 years: Goldman Sachs


Supreme Court Rejects Appeal From Airman Removed from Command Over Refusing to Get Vaccinated – Amy Coney Barrett and Kavanaugh Side with Liberal Justices

Senate Democrats Trying to Revive Build Back Better In Closed-Door Meetings

(Rumor) Google Maps has opened all military and strategic facilities in Russia:

3 US sailors from aircraft carrier found dead in less than one week

Dems already infiltrating for 2024 election, plan will deploy 5,000 operatives, likely more

Jen Psaki Cries: Anti-Groomer Law ‘Makes Me Completely Crazy’

Figures. Oil From Joe Biden’s Emergency SPR Release Is Heading to Europe- Not to US Consumers

Taylor Lorenz Criticized For Her Plan To Dox Anonymous Libs Of TikTok Account

I doxxed a private citizen and her extended family and people are being mean to me online


Russia will not use nuclear weapons in Ukraine, says Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov

Connecting the Dots: Ukraine biolabs mostly underground; DOD, Big Pharma collecting Russian blood – Brighteon.TV

Shanghai residents scream in protest due to lack of food, necessities amid COVID-19 lockdown


Truth for Health Foundation launches new global vaccine reporting system to track covid jab injuries

Furious liberals revolt after Trump appointed judge lifts mask mandate: 'Idiot airline'

Injecting nanoparticles in the blood curbed brain swelling in mice


Science with Kamala

Coastal cities around the globe are sinking

Subsidence in Coastal Cities Throughout the World Observed by InSAR


Puppy Born Not Breathing Is Now a Seattle K9 Up for Prestigious National Life-Saving Award

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