RECAP: Morning Qoffee w/ Vince and Andrea 3/18/22




Biden admin canceling Keystone ‘not going to solve global warming’: Steel pipe and tube manufacturer

Mark Ruffalo, Leonardo DiCaprio, Ben Stiller and more stars sign letter protesting Canada Gas Pipeline


Senate Intel. Chair Warner: Need to Use ‘All Forms of Pressure’ on Xi over ‘Alliance’ with Putin

House Armed Services Chair Smith: We Need ‘Maximum Pressure on China’ So They Don’t Bail out Russia


Dr. Francis Boyle: NATO and the West have used Ukraine to “surround Russia” with biological weapons

Russian forces made ‘minimal’ progress this week: Intelligence


CDC data reveal 84% increase in death of millennials after vaccine mandate

US News

There's another invasion, closer to home – and it's increasing!

The Outright Ridiculous But True News / Funnies

UN declares if your country doesn’t properly HATE Russia, you get no vaccines for COVID-19

Climate change alarmists now say they’re AGAINST greening planet Earth because plants cause pollen allergies

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