RECAP: Morning Qoffee w/ Andrea and Vince 4/15/22


The New York Stock Exchange and the Nasdaq will be closed on April 15 in observance of Good Friday

Markets Are Reading the Yield Curve Inversion All Wrong. What It Really Means.

So DOD's biggest contractor is Elon Musk...

Elon Musk can’t run Tesla effectively if he buys Twitter: analysts


Wow! Biden Finishes Speech Then Turns to Shake Hands with Air – Then Gets Lost on Stage (VIDEO)

EXCLUSIVE: Man Who Discovered Ballot Trafficking Operation In Yuma County Handed Evidence To Attorney General Brnovich BEFORE 2020 General Election: “They Could Have Stopped This.” (AUDIO)

Biden Nominates Michael Barr For Top Fed Banking Regulator Job

NYC mayor blasts BLM on rising crime: 'Where are all those who stated 'Black Lives Matter?''

NBC News: US is deliberately releasing phony intel as part of “info war” against Russia


"The West Needs WWIII" - Martin Armstrong Warns "There's No Return To Normal Here"

Sirens go off across Ukraine, multiple explosions reported in Kyiv

Yellen Slams China's Position On Russia-Ukraine War


Fighting off viruses naturally is as simple as just BREATHING (which is why they want you to block respiration with a toxic mask)

VENOM FACTORIES: World Economic Forum celebrates new technology to SYNTHESIZE snake venom peptides using RNA advances for rapid venom “drug” development and deployment


The Sex Offender Shuffle…

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