RECAP: Morning Qoffee w / Vince and Andrea 5/3/22



Stock market news live updates: Stocks trade mixed as investors await Fed

Citi’s London Trading Desk Behind European ‘Flash Crash’

Biggest Treasury Buyer Outside U.S. Quietly Selling Billions


Unprecedented: Supreme Court’s Roe Draft Leak Is First in Modern History

Bernie Sanders: Congress Must Eliminate Filibuster, Codify Roe v. Wade

Biden Administration Announces $3.16 Billion from Bipartisan Infrastructure Law to Boost Domestic Battery Manufacturing and Supply Chains

Biden Includes $8.8 Billion in the $33 Billion Ukraine Package on Items like Countering Disinformation

DHS does damage control on 'disinformation' board, won't discuss possible Obama role

Hunter Biden Took Trip to Moscow to Meet with Russian Oligarch Who’s Sanctioned by UK But Not US

Techno Fog: The Clinton Campaign is About to Lose Its Privilege Fight

'Alien always wins rule:' Biden invents new way to keep illegals in country with circular process

Locations in the U.S. that you should avoid at all costs if a nuclear war with Russia erupts

Hundreds of Sailors Being Moved Off Carrier After Surge of Suicides, Captain Tells Crew


Germany’s Green FM preparing public for nuclear war

Russian state television alludes to nuclear strikes against Western capitals

USA / NATO gearing up for counterattack against Russian forces in July or August, with high risk of escalated retaliatory strikes by Russia using EMP or nuclear weapons


126 Species of Fish Contaminated With Cocktail of Big Pharma Drugs


Portland Air National Guard Unit Is First to Test Out Robot Dog for Base Security

David Siegel: “It’s clear that CO2 has almost nothing to do with climate”

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