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PSAKI: "I don't think anyone could've predicted a year ago" that inflation would soar to record highs

Checking portfolio meme


This is a devastating ad!

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Issues LGBTQ ‘Call to Arms’ over Supreme Court Leak

SOUND CHECK! Who is going to make EVERY Republican pay if the Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade?

Woman Finds Box of Over 100 Mail-In Ballots While Walking Her Dog in Hollywood

BREAKING: Missouri Senate Passes Election Integrity Bill — Bans Drop Boxes, Ballot Harvesting and Zuckerbucks – Requires Photo ID for Voting

884 Navy Personnel Discharged From Service for COVID-19 Vaccine Refusal

“I can’t feed my son!” Baby formula shortage reaches critical stage in US as desperate parents search for rationed supplies

The INTENDED consequences of climate policy: ‘Electricity shortage warnings grow across U.S.’

Dems Ditch COVID Funds To Rush $40 Billion To Ukraine

US House subcommittee will hold a public hearing on #UFOs


Concerning Videos, Images and Words from the Ukrainian Front


With President Xi Jinping, I discussed the tragic situation faced by the Ukrainian people because of the Russian aggression

Update: The U.S. State Department updated the U.S.-Taiwan relations webpage, no longer mentioning "Taiwan is part of China"

Who wants to guess how long we have until, “I stand with Taiwan” starts trending?

Yoon Suk-yeol is sworn in as South Korea's new president

Spain fires spy chief over phone hacking scandal


Can’t Make This Up: Biden FDA Chief Insists “Misinformation” is Impacting Life Expectancy in the US

STUNNER: New Data from Walgreens Reveals Unvaccinated Have the Lowest Positivity Rate for COVID — Triple and Double Vaxxed Groups Have the Worst Rate

Under political pressure, FDA pledges to lower COVID vaccine standards for kids under 5

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