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Stocks sink as Amazon, Apple shares decline after quarterly reports

Elon Musk sells $8.4 billion in Tesla shares after Twitter deal

Friday Funny - Finance

Janet Yellen Pops Out Of Child's Cake To Take His Birthday Money


The illusion of freedom: We’re only as free as the government allows

Democrats Hemorrhaging Black Voters — Biden Down 20 Points with Blacks Since Inauguration (VIDEO)

Biden Regime Moves to Ban Menthol Cigarettes

Befuddled Biden Admits Energy Policy Designed to Spike Gas Prices, Spur Radical Environmental Agenda

US has sent Ukraine 10 anti-tank weapons for every Russian tank: Biden

Friday Funny - US

12 Job Alternatives For Soon To Be Fired Twitter Content Moderators


France Announces Digital Identity App Just Days After Macron Re-Election

First Shipment Of Russian Coal Paid In Yuan On Its Way To China

Putin warns of “lightning-fast” response if America, West try to intervene in Ukraine war

Here come the CLIMATE LOCKDOWNS: World agency demands locking down cities to achieve “climate goals”

Friday Funny - World

Putin's Army Flies Planned Parenthood Flag So No One Will Criticize Them For Genocide


Patients Treated with Pfizer’s Paxlovid Experience Second Round of Covid-19 Shortly After Recovering – Doctors are Baffled

Medical Examiner Says Former Missouri State Rep. Cora Walker Died from Heart Disease

Colorado Inmate Tests Positive for Bird Flu, Marking First US Case

Tennessee: Ivermectin NOW available over the counter

Pulled data from Indiana's COVID dashboard today and crunched a few numbers.

Friday Funny

Media Says Spike In Myocarditis May Be Linked To Ukraine Crisis

“Mommy, why are we storing so much extra food?”

Looney President

Xi Xin Musk

Elong Mag Cover

Do you have any fucks, go fish

77 Coronavirus Jokes to Retrain Your Face How to Smile (These are terrible)

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