RECAP: Episode 235 | Guest: Mike Miller - Warriors For Ranchers - Human Trafficking - Texas Border

Mike Miller: So if I were to just summarize everything that I've seen, I would say I've seen ranchers and farmers afraid to sleep in their own beds at night. They're living in fear. I see a lawlessness that is unreal, never been seen in my entire life.

Joshua Reid and Vince Tagliavia had the honor to have a sobering, but necessary conversation with an admirable patriot Mike Miller about topics that many mainstream fake news outlets and the current administration fail to give enough credence to.

Mike Miller is the founder of Warriors for Ranchers. After criminal organizations had targeted him and his family on separate occasions, and being put in danger's way by trespassers near the border, he was brought to the point of taking action! Mike has taken a stand and is a strong voice for every farmer, rancher, and American. Mike will continue to fight for the great State of Texas and ultimately, our country. His commitment to reporting the truth at the border is strong as he uncovers the true happenings of illegal immigrant crossings in Del Rio, Hidago, Anzalduas Park, Roma, and Eagles pass.

I knew the border crisis is awful, unlawful, unethical, dangerous, and a serious concern, but this conversation was a stark reminder of the importance, reality, and true scope of the situation at the border.

Mike shared many first-hand experiences he has witnessed at the border during his documentation and action against the illegal operations taking place there around the clock. He has been shot at with automatic weapons, his cabins were broken into and targeted. Illegal immigrants and cartel members traverse through his ranch he utilizes to hunt more and more as this crisis progresses to unprecedented levels.

This interview is one everyone needs to hear. The border situation is worse than many want to acknowledge and we need to acknowledge the truth if we're going to stop human trafficking, drug trafficking, and illegal activities devastating American's livelihoods.

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