RECAP: Ep. 400 | New World Order | The Daily Dose

Financial Collapse

Netflix sheds 1 million users in Q2 — why one analyst says that's still 'good' news

Dow closes 750 points higher as stocks surge, small caps see biggest advance in 18 months

Local, Social, and Cultural Destabilization

Media Matters freaks out over the G-word, urges Big Tech to censor 'smear'

Los Angeles officials to deploy “water police” to go after people using “more than their fair share”

House passes bill codifying same-sex marriage protections; prospects in Senate unclear

Political Corruption

Watch: AOC Appears to Fake Having Handcuffs On While Being Removed by Police

Planned “Arrest”? Tweet from @Jeremyslevin

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene calls AOC out

Trump, “Wow! Prosecutors have just dropped all charges against ratings challenged Colbert Show staffers”

Charges Dropped Against Colbert Staffers Who Illegally Entered House Office Building

@CoriBUsh, “The Supreme Court will not stop us. Even though they arrested us, we won’t stop our organizing, agitating, and legislating for justice.”

I've been reporting on the bias of the forthcoming .@BBCNews documentary trying to convince the unvaxxed to get jabbed

Court Rules Biden Administration’s Collusion With Social Media be Exposed

World War III

JUST IN 🚨 US to provide more military aid to Ukraine this week, says Kirby.

National Security Council's John Kirby says U.S. intelligence shows that "Russia intends to try to annex additional Ukrainian territory."

NEW: China, Pakistan discuss extension of CPEC to Afghanistan

Russia, China make stunning advances in anti-satellite drone swarms, laser weapons to win space war

Belgium accuses China over ‘malicious cyber activities’

Iran leader favours strengthening ‘long term-cooperation’ with Russia

Supply Chain Disruptions

Another Massive Fire At A Farm Supply Store That Sells Animal Feed & Fertilizer


BREAKING: Explosion and fire at the Hoover Dam in Nevada

This is NYC today. This is nyc every time it rains hard now. Our basic infrastructure is so not ready for what’s coming

The Great Reset

(2019) United Nations announces Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum and UN General Secretary Antonio Guterres have signed an agreement to ‘accelerate’ Agenda 2030

(2019) World Economic Forum and UN Sign Strategic Partnership Framework

(Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine and Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine)”Ukraine 2030 — the freest and most digital country in the world. Without bureaucracy, but with strong tech industry. Cashless & paperless. This is the future we are building. “

World Economic Forum Promotes Plan To Block The Sun’s Rays With ‘Space Bubbles’

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