RECAP: Ep. 396 | The First Arrest is the Precipice | The Daily Dose

Financial Collapse

France could get digital euro next year: central bank - Insider Paper

Gateway Pundit Sends Official Letter to Liz Cheney: You Knew FBI Assets Confirmed Proud Boys Did Not Commit Sedition Yet You Suppressed the Information

China bank collapse under way; Saudi Arabia distances from the petro dollar to join BRICS monetary order

Local, Social, and Cultural Destabilization

JUST IN - Twitter has filed a lawsuit in Delaware to force Elon Musk to buy the platform for $44 billion.

Mexican cartel smugglers nabbed with $1.2M worth of meth in NYC — then released thanks to lax bail laws: feds

UN claims world hunger is necessary, as governments intentionally cause poverty on a global scale

Female Army sergeant questions her loyalty to US after Roe overturned

Political Corruption

Neocon John Bolton just publicly admitted he has helped plan foreign coups

Jan 6 Committee accidentally presents evidence there was a 2nd stage at the Supreme Court that Trump wanted people to march to


From our drone - the massive 500 bed Quarantine facility nearing completion in Bullsbrook, north of Perth.

BREAKING: Jan. 6 Committee Cancels Thursday Hearing After Steve Bannon Says He Will Only Testify Live and In Person — And After Release of Explosive TGP Report

Governments that mandated deadly covid vaccines now blaming DOCTORS for not telling patients about the risks

Monkeypox update, drinking coffee and sleeping in wrong position causes blood clots, and 10 more sudden deaths in the global vaccine genocide

FDA Colluded With Moderna to Bypass COVID Vaccine Safety Standards, Documents Reveal

EXC: Biden’s Energy Dept Drag Queen Gets Top Secret ‘Q Clearance’ Alongside Six-Figure Government Salary.

Get Woke, Go Broke: Starbucks Announces Mass Closures Due to ‘Woke’ Policies Backfiring

Former Georgia Gubernatorial Candidate Kandiss Taylor Was Swatted

World War III

Nato and EU sound alarm over risk of Ukraine weapons smuggling

EU approves one billion euros in financial aid to Ukraine - Insider Paper

Biden Regime Sends Ukraine An Additional $1.7 Billion in Aid - $60 Billion Wasn't Enough

Supply Chain Disruptions

ALL railroad freight to potentially halt on July 18 due to national “labor strike”

Oklahoma natural gas plant explodes, damaging critical NGL hub

The Great Reset

WHO launches call to speed up genomics tech development - Insider Paper

World Economic Forum Orders Young Global Leaders to ‘Ditch Fossil Fuels to save democracy’

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